Dancing into The New Feudalism


We have, in the West, entered into an age of new feudalism. To understand this we need to look back to the original one.

Once we get past the chivalry, knights in shining armour, pages who polished their swords, swooning ladies, castles and dragons, feudalism, essentially, was about the concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny elite.

Medieval Europe was largely an agrarian economy, although there were significant resources in fishing and still, hunting — both of which quickly came under the control of the landed elite, the feudal lords.

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The New World Order, the Rats, and modern slavery


Originally posted 2022-09-22 13:14:21.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has served the New World Order wonderfully well, don’t you think? Through it, the most despotic, corrupt and incompetent dictators the West has seen in over seventy years, can cast a smokescreen over their manifest treachery. It could hardly have worked out better for the globalists.

FJoe Biden, Manny Mac Macron, Bodger Johnson, wee teacher’s pet Trudy, whatever women – male or female – are running the West and so many more, all look to this crisis to divert attention from what they did. These are people whose crimes against humanity should have them locked up at best and in other days, they might have faced the guillotine or a firing squad. I’m not sure that change was ‘progress’.

It is helpful for politicians to be terrified of the populations they would oppress, don’t you think?

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