Feminism is a Lie: it’s the Gynocracy again

Originally posted 2020-10-01 19:57:45.

Feminism has always been a lie. It is a deception perpetrated on women, in order to make them the front-line troops in a Communist Revolution. If you don’t believe me, read Gloria Steinem: ‘the only thing Marx got wrong is that the means ARE the end’.

The sex-doll issue, which was bubbling in the news-feeds as feminists set it up for attack — until COVID-19 stole the show — is illustrative of how they use sex to exercise power over men. No women are harmed in a sexual exchange between a man and a piece of plastic, yet somehow it is still ‘demeaning to women’ for this to happen. How is that even possible? It’s a SEX TOY.

They might not be quite there yet, but Moore’s Law holds true. Sex dolls will be to robotics as porn was to the Internet. And you just watch the shitstorm the feminists will kick up.


Anyway, who the fuck cares? Men get demeaned and far worse by women all the time; what’s wrong with a little payback?  Recently we heard how Giscard d’Estaing, one of the most respected politicians in Europe, is to have his reputation trashed because some feminist scumbag gold-digger ‘journalist’ alleges he felt her bum, once, many years ago. So what? He appreciates a nice arse, she should be bloody grateful for the attention. But she’s written a book, so it’s an easy way to get some cheap publicity. After all, it’s only a man she’s attempting to ruin, in order to swell the numbers at her signings. Not anyone important.


Weaponised Sex

Here’s a thing: normal women don’t weaponise sex. Only feminist scumbags do that. Normal women do not see their bodies as armoured personnel carriers. Normal women do not see sex as a humiliation. Instead they see it as a pleasure that a loving couple enjoy and that bonds them. And this is anathema to the feminist scumbags.

Weaponising sex and using it as a tool to coerce men — which is what feminists encourage normal women to — is about as disgusting and ugly a thing as exists and it’s a fucking sight more offensive than squeezing some sloppy bum-fat. Persuading normal women that sex is wrong by slogans like ‘all sex is rape’ — is a ghastly thing to do. And yet, weaponised sex is the principal tool of feminism

Let’s not forget the unashamed, blatant exercise of female privilege assumed by feminists. Women want to be treated like men, but woe betide the man who tells a naughty joke. Feminists want to be like men who behave according to the rules they set — and men are not asked. It’s all right, as the loathsome land-whale Andrea Dworkin, or more lately that has-been slag Madonna did, to demand that all men be raped, but if I were to stand up and insist that this should be reciprocated, what would be the reaction? When it comes to feminism there is ALWAYS one rule for the goose and another for the gander.

Normal women should beware, for feminists will not stop until they are as subjugated as men and the apparatchiks of the Gynocracy are in total control of sex and thus, society. They’re already advocating written, signed ‘sex contracts’ (how foolish of us, we thought that was marriage) and that the desire for sex must be continually reaffirmed, during the act itself — presumably also in writing.


Sex Ration Books

It won’t be long before they’re handing out sex ration books, not to men, but to women, telling them how often they can have sex, because after all, giving men what they want is injurious to feminism. So what, four fucks a month to be the legal maximum? And of course, we’ll need to have evidence that everyone is compliant, so let’s make microchipping compulsory, shall we? We can do it while people are still kids, when they get their measles shots; they’ll never know. And then the Gynocracy can monitor every aspect of their lives, forever. Don’t you think that would be such a great idea? You wait till you have the police at your door asking for a little chat because you had sex five times last month.

Feminism has ‘never been about equality’ as Germaine Greer has said so often. She’s right: feminism is about the complete destruction of Western civilisation, in order to replace it with a Communist dictatorship, but one in which men will have no say and equality will be a thing of the past: the Gynocracy.

Until fifty years ago, all a woman had to do was look after the house for her husband, who worked all the hours he could to provide for her. She just had to keep her coozie warm, wet and available and her husband would keep working himself into a shade all his days. That was it.

You know what? NO MEN COMPLAINED. ‘Okay, they said, we’ll go to work, we’ll get industry-related diseases, we’ll get stressed, get heart attacks, we’ll go to war and die in the most horrific and terrifying ways imaginable, and you just stay home and feed the cat.’


Ungrateful Spoiled Brats

Feminists, being ungrateful, spoiled brats, didn’t want that. They were not satisfied with being women. In fact, they hated the condition of being a woman so much that they wanted to be men instead. So, they entered the workforce, with the result, because of increased family spending power causing inflation, that it now requires two incomes to maintain a middle-class home, instead of one. And to make matters worse, feminists decided that women should not stay at home to look after the few babies that feminists tolerate them having, so guess who took over responsibility for all the children women had and didn’t want to look after?

I’ll tell you: the State. As a result, feminism has been the biggest single cause of State expansionism in the last fifty years. In other words, feminism is just Communism with a new dress on; its ultimate aim is not the dictatorship of the proletariat, but the dictatorship of feminists: the Gynocracy. .

Now you know why the US has a squillion trillion budget deficit. It’s BECAUSE OF FEMINISM.

Now it’s like this: I don’t give a fuck. I’ll drink beer and enjoy my remaining years with my lovely partner, who is under half my age, drop-dead gorgeous, doesn’t feel she needs to go and compete in the jobs marketplace and only asks that I provide her with stability and security. She ensures that my satisfaction is complete, at least once a day. All of which I am happy as a flea on a dog’s back with, so you can forget any attempt to shame me.

Destroy society, turn the West into a Communist superstate with a knitting club in charge, do as you like. That’s what you did with the European Union and look what a train wreck that’s turning out to be. Why? Because you let women, either those with cunts (albeit well dried up) like Merkel or those with cocks (albeit for decoration only) like Macron, run the damn thing.


Bankrupt the West

Bankrupt the West, then line the poor schmucks who still have an opinion up and shoot them, like Communists always do. It’ll take you longer in the USA because of that darn Constitution but you’ll succeed in the end; Europe has already raised the white flag and surrendered its liberty. Remind me why we bothered fighting that war again.

I just can’t exercise myself to care now. The West has been destroyed. It’s past tense. Its demise is not something we’re waiting for and the fact is that while coronavirus might deal the coup-de grace, the culture was a dead man walking already. Thanks to feminism.

So go ahead, ruin your country, ruin the West, whatever. Mine’s another cold one with my girl on my knee, you do…whatever. As long as you stay the fuck away from me and mine. It’s just a damn shame there’s no Baygon for feminists. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, other annoying pests yes, but not feminists. Shame. How wonderful it would be: ‘Ah, a feminist, pass me the spray.’ And there she would be, legs kicking in the air — finally adopting the position she should always have. I mean, I know it’s symbolic because no man would actually fuck a feminist anyway, but still.

Meantime, in the absence of such a technological marvel, for pity’s sake, please STOP MOANING about how hard done by you are, when men have GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANTED and more. EVERYTHING. For what? Do you think an occasional unenthusiastic fuck and maybe a blowjob once every ten years is enough to make us give you all that? You must be nuts. Sex is no trick, it’s easy to arrange. We gave you everything you wanted because we’re nice guys who believe in fair play — which feminists have ruthlessly and relentlessly used against us. As usual. Your model is not Mary Queen of Heaven, it’s Lady MacBeth. Just like her, you will never be satisfied; but remember the sticky end she came to.

Next time I will tell you a story from Ancient Rome. It’s called ‘The Rape of the Sabine Women’.




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One Reply to “Feminism is a Lie: it’s the Gynocracy again”

  1. Rod, this article is really well written, and funny albeit I think that women (who claim they want equality) would call this a misogynistic hit piece, which goes right along with what you said about men making naughty jokes. They need to decide what the hell they want (not all women, but anti men types) the type that wants to be equal with a man UNTIL the check comes then it’s his job to man up and pay. They want doors held for them but ONLY when they want it, if it’s done by a stranger it’s a little too close to sexual assault for them apparently. 🙄 I believe that a couple should be a team. Not one abusing and sex starving the other. I have discussed this with a few guys and I said the phrase “we (women) are always right, and you guys put up with it because we give you lots of love and sex” and every guy was like “GOOD DEAL” “I’m good with that” but had I said that to a modern day anti male type of feminist they would go ballistic as if I was reducing a woman’s place to loving their man (God forbid). As a Transexual woman I have personally seen how natal women will shame men away from interactions with transsexuals JUST like they are trying to do now with sex robots. They know if men can have “responsibility free sex” (this term was coined in one of your articles) with TS girls and sex dolls who can’t get pregnant, that men won’t put up with their nonsense anymore. Which is why MGTOW is a thing. All my life because of my dysphoria I have carefully monitored the male and female interactions around me, and guess what my take was. All the men wanted was to be appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, men are pigs, they do women just as dirty sometimes, but I’ve witnessed multiple girlfriends of mine sex starving their boyfriend for one minor infraction like not returning a text. I am writing an article for you that will include part of this comment but bottom line is the TEAM dynamic of relationships is what these man hating feminist types want to take away. They want men and women to have two roles, women as controller, and men as subordinate. Believe me this WILL swing in favor of TS women who will finally be validated one day when men realize what they could have. I don’t give a flying f**k what my chromosomes are most TS girls just want to LOVE and BE LOVED by a man. And once men stop falling for the lie and stop letting people shame them into keeping their TS attraction (which is really just heterosexual attraction to women, it’s been studied) a shameful secret, TS girls will have their day. After all the passive aggressive petty comments I get from women whenever male attention or dating is brought up. Example:”ummm do you even tell these guys you’re trans?” With a look of disgust that someone could actually enjoy a pretty girl who happens to be Transexual. I am Looking forward to the gloating as well as meeting the love of my life. And I will HAPPILY be the Queen to his King not the other way around. Period.

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