Women and not-women: the masculine female

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Originally posted 2021-04-05 15:26:45.

When you teach women that they are the same as men, then there are consequences. Making them into masculine not-women is just the first.

Women begin to think they should perform an ersatz masculinity. This is pronounced in corporate or military situations, where rank matters. How can a promoted woman give orders to a man? Only by performing masculinity. Then, if you fix the game so these not-women can win with less effort than men, which in most scenarios is the only way they can, it gets worse.

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As a result the route to success success becomes  ‘being masculine’ when it should mean ‘being a great mother’. The more masculine women are, the more success they are likely to be given, in our culture, while motherhood is decried as an impediment to their ‘careers’. (By which they mean ‘jobs.’ Equality of exploitation in wage-slavery, what a victory.)

But at the same time, masculinity repulses men and mothering qualities attract them. (see Freud.) So men begin avoiding these women as sexual partners. I mean, who the fuck would marry Cathy Newman? So career success, for women, increasingly equals ‘catastrophic personal life.’

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When feminists today complain that men are intimidated by educated women, they have this quite wrong.

We are no more intimidated by an educated woman than a man — and there’s the rub. The women we’re talking about are invariably hyper-masculine. It is not that we are intimidated by them, but that their masculinity — which they wear like a badge of rank — utterly repulses us.

So when some air-brained woman writes a nonsense piece about ‘Where are all the good men’, the answer is, ‘Where they always were — they’re just not fooled by you any more.’

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Women are damaged Goods

Let’s be clear: men always have something else to do.

Always. If they’re spending time on a woman, it’s because they expect a reward. If that is not to be forthcoming, or if the reward is in some way tarnished, they’ll go fishing. Literally. And modern Western ‘liberated’ women are definitely damaged goods. Is one really worth all that effort? Nah, gimme another beer and is that a Silver Butcher you have there?.

As a result, we are rapidly regressing to the middle of the 18th century, when it was normal for men to have affairs with feminised youths — who were often the actresses who played women’s roles in theatre. This was because women were not available, as mistresses, in the culture. Their virginity was protected. All of Shakespeare’s female roles were originally played by boys and off-stage, they were available for other role-playing games.

The men who had sexual affairs with them were not ‘gay’ although modern gays try to suggest they were. Instead they were doing exactly what we do with ladyboys. We are attracted to their femininity.

In other words, we see and relate to them as women, exactly as so many of our forebears did. They were suspending any disbelief they might have had, which, frankly, given the staggering beauty of modern HSTS trans women, takes no effort to understand.

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Shemale porn

This is becoming more pressing. For years, ‘shemale porn’ has been one of the top searches on Pornhub, while ‘cis-het’ porn is now off the radar. The studios are in competition with pirates, not to mention millions of women in their bedrooms with a wifi connection, who will do anything, even stuff the pornmeisters wouldn’t touch.

Meantime, shemale porn producers like Stephen ‘Grooby’ Gallon have been saying, again for years, that it’s a waste of money to market his product to gays. He only markets to straight men. (Why? Because gays are women too and the last thing they could be accused of is being lesbians.)

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Men are attracted to femininity, not necessarily the female sex per se. So any target that fits that model will do nicely. Again, feminards don’t appear to realise that attraction to ladyboys is not a fetish. Men are genuinely repulsed by modern women because of their sheer lack of femininity and indeed, exaggerated masculinity. On the other hand, they find the femininity of ladyboys and other HSTS trans women strongly appealing.

When cis-women are no longer believable or available as sexual partners, it is likely that some sort of substitute will be sought. That is why feminised boys have always been present in human culture, as available sexual targets for men.

At the same time, porn operates by recreating credible scenarios. It is not pure fantasy. We need to place ourselves in the context of the narrative, in order to be stimulated. If it were just about organs and sex, then porn of dogs fucking would do fine; but it is not. We have to believe that we could be there, enjoying the experience. In other words, the targets have to be credible.

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Western women are no longer credible erotic targets

So what might happen if cis-women are no longer seen as credible erotic targets? Is it because we have been told too often not to see them as that, or because they have become too masculine? Or maybe they’re just boring.

Perhaps, when we look at a cis-woman in porn, we see the faces of all the masculine not-women who now infest our culture, and oops, there goes the banana.  Who might replace them in our fantasies? That’s easy: trans women. Especially beautiful, sexy, HSTS ones.

In the West today we are increasingly moving from live sex to virtual models, as was commented on by Dr Sam Vaknin recently. (Sam is always worth listening to and he is in despair.) This is due to the risk in being in any closed space alone with a woman (other than a sex worker). Let’s be honest, as Frank Zappa said, ‘Most women don’t know what to do with the other bit anyway.’ So why take that risk?

In a culture where women can make practically any accusation and be believed, indeed insist on it and relentlessly attempt to have due process done away with, men have to protect themselves. After all, those very same women habitually lie in every other part of their lives. One need look no further than the recent ‘interview’ with Megan Markle and her Royal mug, for an example.

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Enter our darlings. The feminised male, ladyboy, trans woman, or indeed male woman, whom a vicious combination of the masculinist New Gay Man and rabidfems had sought to erase, is back with a vengeance.

She’s better and more beautiful, thanks to modern endocrinology and surgery, than ever before. These women have already won the porn war. In many parts of the world, they are preferred magazine and promo models.  They are icons of beauty and femininity, yes, femininity.

Now they’re reasserting themselves as partners for men.

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they shall yet belie thy happy years,
That say thou art a man. Diana’s lip
Is not more smooth and rubious; thy small pipe
Is as the maiden’s organ, shrill and sound,
And all is semblative a woman’s part.

They are the direct equivalent of the first Shakespearean actresses, the dan in China and others from all over the world — highly feminine, sexy, loving and caring. The perfect women from a man’s point of view. Perfect.

Meantime the rabidfems and the NGMs are going into meltdown. Look at them shrieking and howling all over the Internet and social media. You can hardly hear yourself think for the squawking in the virtual hen-houses they occupy. But here’s a thing: men are not really interested in the media that women are, so the message is … somewhat attenuated. And anyway, men have become masters at ignoring nagging women; well, they had to.

Even if the rabidfems and gays did succeed in stopping officially sanctioned transition in the West (which they won’t) there are literally millions of drop dead gorgeous trans women all over Asia who are only too willing to accept men’s sexual advances.

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Increasing exponentially

This phenomenon is increasing exponentially. Even in the ten years since I began visiting the Philippines, the difference is remarkable. Ladyboys are everywhere here now, whereas then, you only saw a few and then mainly at night. Not a bit of it now.

They are all on OnlyFans or whatever and the desire of most, certainly the HSTS, is to land a MAN. He doesn’t have to be Johnny Bravo, just recognisably masculine, and NOT A GAY. That last is important.

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Women and the refusal of motherhood

Women’s adoption of masculinity was repulsive enough, but it gets worse. They now refuse motherhood. So what is the point in putting up with their attitudes?

Are you really trying to tell me that a pussy that will be strictly rationed and always, always come at a price, is somehow worth all that when you could have a ladyboy’s sweet love-tunnel every day? What do they have over a ladyboy? Nothing.

Just a random woman for a bit of levity…she’s called Moo

While it is absolutely true that ladyboys in sex work can be incredibly provocative, most are not — except in the bedroom. Yes, they might camp it up for their selfies but in real life they want to blend. So they’re discreet.

Contrast this with the ‘slut-fem’ movement of the West, where women deliberately appear to be tramps. Where they shout ‘Look at me, I’m a walking rape target!’ — but are the first to run crying if a man so much as looks at them.

That’s fantastic for a stripper and might be so incredibly right-on, darling, but who wants a woman half the city’s been through, or even looks like she might be a THOT?

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The menu today is not appetising

At the same time, if a man does want a family and most do, south-east Asian women are a good bet. They have not been poisoned by feminism and see motherhood as the most valuable role a women can play. By and large they’re remarkably attractive and maintain their looks longer than is now normal in the West. They are genuinely loving partners.

Especially in the Catholic Philippines, girls are brought up to be decent. You may see them performing pretty wild dances on television but you can bet that under those little dresses they’re wearing cycle shorts.

Why? Because part of being feminine is NOT being a slut and putting it around the town — because promiscuity is masculine behaviour.

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Go East, young men

Men in the West today have on the menu, women who act like men and won’t have babies anyway, sluts you wouldn’t dare take home to your mother, who won’t have babies either and gold-diggers who see motherhood as an income either from the State or the poor men she’s uterus-raped. Or, on the other hand, we have cute little HSTS who’ll love you till you die. So which are men going to choose?

My advice, boys, is to find yourself a nice ladyboy right ricky-tick.

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  1. Yeah, pretty much. The only woman I’d even consider getting with at this time–currently an ALT in Japan–is white and American, but she’s made it abundantly clear, having taught in HISD (Houston Independent School District) in the past, that she is horrified by the agendas being pushed onto kids these days, especially the “transgender” agenda and how feminism is “feminazism” (her exact word) and how any kids of hers will be home schooled. But as she’s still in Japan and as of now has no plans to return to the US (gee, can’t imagine why), I’m moving on with my life.

    Believe me, based on my observations of the last 15+ years or so? You’re pretty spot on. No way am I getting roped in by some crazy man hating sort who will make my life living hell all over again. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consume my share of porn (most of it involving ladyboy types, I’ll own up), and I admit to having a “stripper girlfriend” (my favorite dancer at my men’s club du jour who I spend the most money on and am building a provider/client relationship with that disappears as soon as I leave the club), but otherwise? No way no how am I dating anybody. My earnestly clueless father–who, at age 71, you’d think he would know better by now–is all but up in arms about my refusal to date and why I don’t date, always crying at me about “Don’t paint all women with such a big brush.” This from the man who’s on his third marriage, whose first two wives including my birthing vessel were psychos, and whose current wife is a social worker who (IMO anyway, I may be wrong) appears to have turned him into a proper little servile sort. I used to like her, but as time has gone by and my eyes have been opened, I’m seeing a dynamic I didn’t notice before that I don’t much care for. I really wish he’d shut up and leave that well enough alone. This from the man who was also an unapologetic philanderer in his younger days, while chasing his rock n’ roll dreams, further.

    But yes, rest assured that a sweet ladyboy is far more appealing these days to me than a natal woman is, in terms of anything resembling a relationship at all. For all the reasons listed here and then some. But if it’s in my cards to be a lifelong bachelor and die alone, then I will live that life and live it as well as possible before I go, whenever that is. “Lonely,” you say? Hey, at least I know where my money is going at all times (to me and my cause) and I can come and go as I please and have my own life as I see fit, thank you very much. That is far preferable to me at this time and I don’t regret it.

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