Charlottesville: Innocent death, death of innocence

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Originally posted 2017-08-13 12:19:16.

Leftist violence led directly to last night’s tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. While the actual crime that led to the death of one person and the injury of 19 was committed, presumably, by one of their political opponents, the simple fact is that the Left in the USA has been doing its level best to engineer a situation like this since it lost the 2016 Presidential election.

It is never acceptable to use violence in the furtherance of political ends. Our sympathies go out to the victims of this attack and to their families. They also go out to the young man whose life has been ruined by the commission of this crime and to his family.

Let us be quite clear, however: this foolish and cruel act of violence was the result of a fire stoked by the Left; and it was the result most fervently desired by the Left. Now it has its longed-for martyr, whose memory it will abuse to its own ends.

A farmer having his land liberated by Communist soldiers in China. For the greater good, of course. Another innocent death







Another Chinese being shown the benefits of socialism

The paramount tragedy of Charlottesville is not the loss of life, tragic though that is, but the damage that was done to freedom and democracy. The harm done to the defenders of those things against the baying mob of the Left. To free-thinkers’ ability to push back against the Communists, Cultural Marxists, Feminists, race supremacists and others on the Left who are hell-bent on destroying Western culture entirely.

Why do they hate freedom?

Why do they seek the destruction of the finest culture the world has ever seen? Because they believe in a cult, the materialist religion of Marxism, polished up and given new clothes by lying European intellectuals like Foucault and the odious rats of the Frankfurt School, which latter, we must now recognise, would have been better left to the authorities in Germany to deal with, rather than be given sanctuary in the USA, there to spread their poison.

With this egregious and completely unnecessary act of violence, the Left has been handed credibility. It has been awarded the victim status it always craves and, make no mistake, it will exploit this fully over the weeks and months to come.

Be under no illusions: this stupid, cruel act of violence has thrown a lifeline to an increasingly desperate Left. It is a gift that they will try, but must not be allowed, to weaponise against freedom and democracy.

The Left hates democracy

The Left does not believe in Democracy. We know that the Democratic Party in the US has, for decades, been organising voter fraud in order to swell its numbers in legislatures. We know that it encouraged and enabled massive amounts of illegal voting, possibly even enough to have swung the ‘popular vote’. In the UK, we know that Leftist students used a loophole in the law to vote twice in the recent General Election there, thus boosting the main Leftist party.

US voter regulation is a pitiful shambles and it must be resolved; it is to be hoped that, in the UK where the law is at least more able to discourage illegal voting, the loophole exploited by the Left will be closed.

These are not the actions of a group committed to lofty democratic ideals. These are the actions of a group who hate, more than anything else, all that democracy stands for. They deny it; for them, mob rule is the objective.

Democracy, as we understand it today, exists to protect the individual. The Left — socialism, Marxism, Communism, Feminism, the ‘BLM’ movement’ all exist for one purpose only: to subject the individual to the rule of the mob. That is why they are always the first to resort to violence. It is why they are always the first to shout the opposition down. It is why they will tolerate no dissent, ever.

A mountain of corpses

62 million confirmed kills in the USSR alone

This why Marxists left a mountain of corpses to drain their innocent blood all over the pages of the 20th century’s history. It is why they killed at least 100,000,000 people in less than a hundred years of violent suppression. The Left knows that it has no cogent argument against the rights of the individual, so it takes power by force and if anyone disagrees, they get to dig their own grave before being shot in the back to the head.

Who will be the killer in the 21st century? Who will pull that trigger? Some uniformed Commissar with a red star on his bonnet? No; the Left today understands something of Public Relations. The executioners will be ‘SJWs’, Feminists, university lecturers, and of course, our old friends the followers of Islam.

There is no sense in pretending that the Left today, especially in the vicious form seen in the USA, does not adore, is infatuated with, violence.

A history of violence

I am old enough to have watched the Left at work in Britain in the 1970s and 80s. We had ‘no-platforming’ then too — except it wasn’t called that. But the effect was to deny any opposing point of view the ability to be heard. They used the same techniques then, the chants, the throwing of bottles and stones, the mugging of speakers. I remember how striking workers would form picket lines and kick anyone who tried to pass through them, all the way to the Casualty Department. Strikes were called by show of hands and he whose hand was not raised when the Shop Steward called, would suffer for it. I remember watching, aghast, as a naive young man, as miners tooled up for their daily attacks on the police, during the UKs miners’ strike of 1984-5. They had precisely the same battle-cry as the thugs of Antifa today: Smash the System!


Physical violence is not the only tool of the Left; I remember being told ‘If you want to work as a journalist, you must be a Union member, and for that you have to join the Labour Party’ I refused* and fortunately, Margaret Thatcher cleaned out that rats’ nest and I was able to follow my career. But for decades, I would hear the same thing — ‘If you want to be a teacher, you have to join the Labour Party’. ‘If you want to work in Local Government, you have to join the Labour Party’. And woe betide any poor soul who, having sold his soul to the Leftist devil, to get a job he was qualified to do, dared to recant. Shunned, denied promotion, found battered half to death up a dark alley; these are the techniques of the Left.

Again and again, the coercion, the suppression, the violence. All for one end: to make the individual too afraid to stand up and to speak out.

I’m sorry for Charlottesville

Well, I am sorry for the person who died at Charlottesville, and I am sorry for that person’s killer. I am sorry for the injured and the injurer; they were but pawns in a grander — and more desperate — scheme of things.

I have long believed that war was inevitable. I always thought it would break out in Europe, first at least. Now I am not so sure. It seems to me that the unresolved issues surrounding the end of the US Civil War, inflamed by a hellish alliance of feminists, racists and socialists, have festered to the point that the boil must be lanced.

Those of us who believe in free speech, that we have the right to our own bodies and minds, that, as long as we harm no other, we should be allowed to get on with life in peace, that ability trumps skin colour, that consenting adults have the right to love and have sex with any other, regardless of sex, gender, colour or creed, without interference from the baying mob, are in a more parlous state that at any time since 1940, when Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mussolini and Franco attempted to snuff out the light of freedom.

Time to stand together and fight

An ‘SJW’ communist attacking a police officer

We must now stand and fight. We must use all means at our disposal and most of all we must wrest control of the Internet  and social media back from the Leftist ideologues who have colonised it. We have to use every space we can to get the message out: the individual must be protected from the mob. If this requires specific legislation to protect freedom of speech on today’s mass media, then it must be implemented and quickly.

We are a long way from being defeated. Britain stood up to the Marxist bullies in the 1980s and drove them back under their rocks for over 30 years; it is only staggering levels of incompetence in Government hat has allowed them to creep back out. It can be done. It must be done.

We who believe in freedom must band together and, with one breath, shout:

They shall not pass.

It is time. There’s a storm coming.

* I joined the union but not the Labour Party. That I could never have swallowed.

How many more, at the hands of Communism?  A man cleans a skull near a mass grave at the Choeung Ek camp outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia — the best known of the killing fields run by the Khmer Rouge in the middle and late 1970s.
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