Feminism delights in women’s unhappiness.

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Originally posted 2021-02-09 12:31:22.

We now know that women are becoming increasingly unhappy, and this is because they are no longer doing that which would make them happy, having and raising children. There are no unhappy women in traditional cultures, because they are not infected by feminism. They don’t need to go to the city to compete with men. Their men go there and work, while the women run the home, bear, care for and educate their children.

Women in the West are unhappy because feminism denies them the opportunity to be happy by doing the same. Any who try to do so are berated on the sewers of social media, shouted down as ‘pawns of the patriarchy’ and as ‘sex-traitors.’

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At the same time, as we have seen the rise of feminism in the West, we have seen the rise of State involvement in our lives and the appalling increase in its size and cost. Why on earth would we have State-funded crèches? Why would such a thing even exist? Here the State and Capitalism form a ghastly bargain, with the State taking tax money to fund opportunities for entrepreneurs who provide ‘child care’ services — when their mothers are busy being miserable at work! You could not make this up; and behind it all is feminism and its horrific succubus, Marxism, otherwise known as Socialism.


For most women who fall for the feminist lies, this is the reality of life: miserable drudgery in a cube farm. For every ‘successful independent woman’ there are tens of thousands locked into a life of wage slavery. And feminism put them there.

Feminism harms both men and women

Feminism acts against the interests of both men and women. It denies choice to both and makes them miserable. There is no patriarchy; it’s just men hanging out together without interference from women, probably talking about sex, shying stones at cans, checking out girls or other masculine practices; and yes, competing with each other. But feminists, with their obsession with power and control over everything, cannot tolerate any space where men can be free to be masculine.

That is why we have seen men’s golf clubs, social clubs, places of work invaded, colonised and abolished. Those who resist or dare to speak out are punished by the appalling, anti-masculine laws written and voted through by women and those men hoodwinked by feminism, or cynical enough to play along with their own enslavement in the hope of being rewarded with some leftover sex. These men are happy to see their rivals put down; they are thinking in terms of sex, after all. If the only hope they have of ever getting any is to cavil to feminists, then they will do so.

Why should men not have their own spaces? Women have always had them; if they chose to abandon them, it was hardly men’s doing.
Men playing golf. Looks innocent enough to me, but a red rag to a feminist. Why? Because there are no women in the picture. Men are not allowed to enjoy themselves with other men, under the rules of the Gynocracy. There must always be women present to police their behaviour. Otherwise, golly, they might talk about girls. Pic: Rod Fleming


A social experiment

Feminism has forced us into a massive social experiment, the ends of which remain unclear. There is no prediction for what might happen save the ‘end of the (mythical) patriarchy’. But the patriarchy is just male society. It is the men-only golf clubs and other spaces that women have already invaded and destroyed.

If feminist orthodoxy were to be dispensed with and everyone accepted that men and women ARE NOT THE SAME, and so require their own spaces where women can be feminine and men can be masculine, then there would be no problem. The root of the issue is in feminist denial that the characteristics which constitute gender are innate, evolved, and essential to human success.

Any time somebody says ‘gender is just a social construct’ they are denying both science and reality; there is no excuse for such levels of ignorance today and such a statement must therefore be seen as a blatant lie.

However, the Left, and that includes feminists  know fine well that if we say, ‘Well it’s just nature, we can’t change it so let’s forget about it,’ and move on to practical ways of actually solving our problems, then they cannot achieve the revolution their cult demands. Feminism doesn’t want to solve problems; it deliberately creates them where none exist. It takes happy young women, ready to set out on their paths as mothers, and turns them into miserable drones.

Feminists know that if Western women were happy, as the women are in traditional societies all over the world, then their great social experiment would wither and die. So it needs women to be more and more miserable, in order to fuel its attempt to destroy Western culture.

And we need to stop that kind of thinking before it is too late.


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