Islam: a danger to society

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Originally posted 2016-08-22 13:26:22.

‘Islamic extremism is a danger to society and a threat to public safety. It must be defeated wherever it is found’.

Well it’s  no secret that I think this is wholly true. Anyone who reads my posts on Islam knows that I consider it to be a sick, depraved cult based on male privilege, misogyny, homophobia, male paedophilia, ‘honour killings’, genital mutilation and violence.

Yet I did not speak the words above. The UK’s new Justice Secretary, Liz Truss, was reported as saying them in The Independent. 

Hallelujah! Is it premature to imagine that some common sense has at last been allowed to spring its green shoots in UK politics? Not so long ago, I would have been vilified for saying things like that, and I know people who have been banned from social media for it. That there is no more grim darkness than the regressive liberalism that infests such spaces has no greater confirmation. And today a minister of State says exactly what should have been said over a decade ago.

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To say this is a breath of fresh air would be the understatement of the week — a week in which, by the way, the toll of rapes and abuse of women all across Europe has continued to escalate. Rapes, needless to say, at the hands of Muslims — inspired by Islam, the creed of hatred and death.

Islam is a horrible, mind-controlling cult that fully intends to subjugate the planet, and its ‘extremist’ form — which is actually its only form — is, indeed, the greatest single threat to civilisation that exists. Of course it’s a danger to society. No greater danger to society exists, except perhaps climate change.

In the UK, somewhat quietly, Theresa May’s new Government has shown, on this point at least, that it might actually have some backbone. After over a decade in which British Government was characterised by a spinelessness that a mollusc would be proud of, things do appear to be changing.

Truss also attacked those responsible for radicalising Muslims in prison: ‘Preventing the most dangerous extremists from radicalising other prisoners is essential to the safe running of our prisons and fundamental to public protection.’

‘Extremist’ Muslim prisoners will now be held in secure units where they cannot infect other nominally Muslim inmates. Imams and clerics visiting prisons are to be vetted. It is a start, at least.

Reading this made me shake my head in sheer wonder. Was I still asleep? Was this a dream? A senior Government minister had AT LAST admitted the truth: Islam is a problem.

Only secular Islam is safe.

Yes, I know that she couched her statement in an anodyne form, in order not to scare too many politically-correct horses. That was why she suggested that ‘extremist’ Islam is a danger to society. But the fact is that anyone who actually has studied Islam knows that there is no distinction. All Islam is extremist and all Islam is a danger to society.

The only time Islam is not a danger to society is when it is secular. That is the Church of England Garden Fete variety; of people who identify as Muslims and maybe vaguely believe in Allah and Mohammed, but who have never read the Quran, nor understood the Hadith and their fanatical message of hate.

Muslims are like anyone else: there are good and bad. But Islam turns them into monsters who are a danger to society. That is its raison d’etre. It was created by  highway robbers who wanted to justify their killings, rapings and taking of people as slaves. It was deigned to recruit new members to a band of murdering thieves.

Therefore, Islam is the real danger to society. Without it, terrorists would have no ideology to justify killing, raping and enslaving other, peace-loving, decent human beings.

Danger to society.

Saying ‘extremist Islam’ is a danger to society — and somehow implying that some form of Islam is not so –like saying that ‘Extremist Communism is against capitalism.’ It’s pure dissembly. Communism is communism and Islam is Islam. The difference is not in the underlying creed but whether people take it seriously enough to start being a danger to society. In the case of Islam, we crossed that Rubicon a long time ago.

Nevertheless, we salute Liz Truss and the woman who is certainly behind her, the new UK Prime Minister, Theresa May. It is clear that she has decided to make some real changes.

May was a solid Home Secretary who performed well amongst much criticism from the ranks of the spineless yah-boo Eton boys. Her support for a UK withdrawal from the European Commission of Human Rights is well-known.

Earlier this year she said:

‘My view is this: if we want to reform human rights laws in this country, it isn’t the EU we should leave but the ECHR and the jurisdiction of its court.”

Her reasons? Well, among them is that it ‘makes us less secure by preventing the deportation of dangerous foreign nationals.’



May was referring, of course, to the way that the ECHR ‘had caused the extradition of extremist Abu Hamza to be delayed for years and…had almost stopped the deportation of Abu Qatada.’

The position of the vile regressive left on this should now be clear. It is determined to undermine Western culture. It has always coveted the destruction of the very system that allows its existence. The most convenient and most powerful tool it has is the rise of Islam, after 300 years in which it was in decline.

Communism, the favoured instrument of the regressive left for decades, is dead. Thankfully. But the regressive left, in its pathological quest for self-destruction, has found a new weapon — arguably even more violent, cruel and terrifying. That is Islam.

May’s opposition to the ECHR is and remains that it prevents effective and decisive Government action against terrorism.

She’s right.

Nobody is above the Law.

Well, nobody’s religion should put them above criticism or the law. Nor should any religion be protected from scrutiny and ridicule. And no religion can be allowed to preach the destruction of the society it exists within.

In the end, we shall have no choice: we must de-Islamify Europe. We need to return Islam in Europe to the garden-fete variety it once was.

Islam has revealed the truth about itself: it is a crawling snake. It intends to strike at those who have been generous enough to allow it in.

Well, we have to draw that viper’s fans, so that it can no longer be a danger to society. We have to prevent it from being what it is.

I am a natural libertarian. I was raised on Thoreau and others like him, to believe that individual freedoms are paramount. But the line is drawn where those freedoms cause harm to others. There can be no doubt that Islam is harming non-Muslims all over Europe and, indeed, the world. By implication, it is harming Muslims too, by alienating them.


Nobody would be so monstrous as to suggest the eradication of Muslims, even were such a thing possible: but the emasculation of Islam is now a priority.

I hope that Truss and May will spearhead a long-overdue clampdown on Islam, the greatest danger to society there is.

If we don’t draw the fangs of this snake now, we will face civil war across Europe in a matter of years, not decades.

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