Baby murder: a victory at last.

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Originally posted 2022-06-26 17:37:26.

On Friday 24th June 2022, one of the most egregious decisions of the US Supreme Court was finally struck down. This is tremendous news.

The decision in Roe v Wade, in 1973, prevented any legislation to stop women from carrying out baby murder. At the sane time it protected those guilty of carrying our the murders. Although States did try to restrict the effects of this diabolical decision, in the time since it was handed down, over sixty million babies have been murdered. Ironically, while the aim of the Planned Parenthood Association of America — which, naturally, operates only in USica — was actually to reduce fertility amongst blacks, most of the babies murdered had white middle-class mothers, many of whom were feminists.

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Well, the legal protection afforded to baby murder in the USA has now been terminated. Some twelve States already had ‘trigger laws’ in place which made baby murder illegal as soon as or shortly after the SCOTUS decision was announced and others have similar laws in the pipeline. We should salute the decision and the brave men and women who made it. I am no fan of USica or USicans in general, but I am impressed. Perhaps there remain people of integrity and conscience in that benighted land. Where have you been hiding?

Nobody, ever, has the right to kill another human being unless under threat of deadly violence themselves; yet routine baby murder became a feature of USican life ever since 1973.

baby murder
The murder of the innocent can never be forgiven. Bless the child.

Action to prevent baby murder

The end of Roe v Wade, while fantastic news, is not the end of the battle. Abortifacient drugs are still available in the USA and so far, no State has declared that it will prevent women from travelling outside its borders to carry out baby murder.  Such action is vital. Allowing women simply to travel to commit a crime that would be illegal in their home State is questionable enough, but the individual they intend to murder is an unborn citizen of that State. Clearly, this is anomalous and must be addressed.

The State cannot simply throw up its hands in horror and say, ‘We can do nothing’. It must make such a child a Ward of Court and detain any woman suspected of planning baby murder, then hold her in custody until the baby is born. Yes feminists will squeal but what is important here? Preventing a baby murder or salving a woman’s sense of entitlement? Abortion risks will have to be identified and prevented from carrying out this act.

Our aim is not to remove a bogus ‘Constitutional’ right, but to prevent baby murder and to that end, there is still a huge battle ahead. This will have practical consequences. The baby-murderers will not hesitate to use violence to intimidate citizens, legislators and law officers — as their scandalous and illegal harassment of the SCOTUS judges proves. They will stop at nothing.

To make matters worse, while the USA has permitted more baby murders than any other nation, abortions — on demand — are permitted in seventy five other countries. In Britain, this abomination was permitted in 1967, while the Republic of Ireland permitted baby murder in the first twelve weeks in 2018, in a shocking betrayal of the country’s former religious values. Every single one of these must now come under a concentrated campaign to see these baby murder laws struck down.

A battle has been won. It was an important battle and it will have ongoing consequences. It’s a victory that should lift the hearts of decent men and women everywhere. But it is not complete victory. It’s like the British sinking of the German battleship Bismarck. It’s a bright light of hope, but we have not won the war. That day will not come until the last abortionist is told, ‘Your activities are now criminal and if you persist you will be arrested and tried for murder.’

We need to stand to, face the baby-murderers and tell them: ‘No more.’ The struggle will e long, for our enemies are well-organised and driven by a powerful evil. But we must remember that we have right on our side and every abortionist put out of his filthy business is another victory. Every single baby saved from the human parts bucket is a victory.

We must renew and refocus, too, for our enemy is devious and wily. We must attack and remove the tax-free status of pro-abortion organisations. We must use existing laws to challenge those who encourage baby-murder on the grounds of incitement to harm. We must shut them down whenever and wherever they raise their hideous heads.

Whatever your God or Goddess, or even if you have none, you must appreciate that we humans have a responsibility to defend the defenceless, to protect the innocent. Roe v Wade, in the USA, has already allowed the murder of sixty million people. That is three times Hitler’s total and this new Holocaust had already killed ten times as many as the Jewish Holocaust. Globally, the death toll is much higher. We simply don’t know how many babies have been murdered.

It has to stop.

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