The Squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

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Originally posted 2021-08-20 14:47:27.

This week has seen the United States lose all the international credibility and influence it once had. We are right back to the period immediately after the Fall of Saigon, when an incompetent – and unelected — President, Gerald Ford, oversaw the shameful debacle of the US Embassy being evacuated by helicopter.

Only a few years later, the US did it again, this time with another incompetent’s hand on the tiller, Jimmy Carter’s. That got them eight years of a truly great President, Ronald Reagan and four years of Bush the Elder, before the proto-wokos sneaked Clinton in. They managed to wing it through the catastrophic era post-Yugoslavia and even to pretend that, in completely destroying both Iraq and Libya and rendering Syria a war zone, they had served the cause of global peace.

Not this time, though. The corruption and incompetence of the present US Administration can no longer be hidden. It’s a busted flush – if it ever were flush in the first place; he who would cheat an election, after all…

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It’s not so much the images of desperate people falling to their deaths from US planes that drives the issue home, however. It is, rather, the Taliban’s unashamed application of Sharia upon women – and everything else, of course.

Women may not be educated. Indeed, all forms of ‘liberal’ education are banned and only Koranic studies are permitted – for men only. Girls are seized at the age of twelve to be the wives of fighters – and this has already begun. They have no need of education, since their earthly duty is only to their husbands and to bear them children.

Yet do we hear, today, howls of protest from feminists and other wokeists in the West? Strange how muted they are. One might have thought they would be in the forefront, screaming at the top of their voices, throwing their pussy-hats in the air, tearing at their blue hair, wailing and gnashing their teeth. But no. A strange and almost unholy silence, while the only comments are from ‘right-wing’ (by which is meant ‘common-sense’) pundits.

Think about it: the most severely patriarchal cult on Earth takes over an entire nation and kicks Uncle Sam’s ass, yet the woko harridans, normally so shrill in their condemnation of the ‘Western patriarchy’ (which doesn’t actually exist) are silent. Not a word will they say condemning the Taliban or the misery which they will inevitably inflict upon millions of women. Not even the sobbing of crocodile tears, a popular woko pastime, is to be heard. It is almost as if there were no women in Afghanistan; they have been erased, so that the left may celebrate the Taliban.

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Thus is the central lie of modern wokeism exposed. Muslims are a protected class and they mostly have brown skin, which makes them ‘POCs’. Within wokeism one may say nothing against POCs and other protected classes. But surely Islamic women – upon whom the burden of Sharia will fall most heavily – are also worthy of protection?

Apparently not and therein lies the rub. Islamic women are only to be defended from oppression when it is by other peoples, specifically, of course, white people. Let us not be under any doubt, if it were white soldiers claiming comfort women from amongst the Afghan population, the ordure and the fan would make messy contact in no time. But since it is POC men abusing POC women, we just have to throw up our hands and say ‘It’s their culture.’ Wypeepo may never even consider what POCs do, far less criticise them for it. And that applies especially to wypeepo wokists. After all, one should teach by example, no?

So we are confronted with the spectacle of wokeist left-wingers celebrating and lionising the victory of the most patriarchal, women-oppressing mass cult in the world today and the subjugation into virtual slavery – well, actually real slavery – of millions of women. Yahoo.

Now maybe, just maybe, this would not matter so much, as long as the abuses were happening halfway across the planet and the media were able to continue their cover-up. It might matter to a conservative, if he ever heard of it, since we generally think that equality and fairness should be ‘for all’. But not to a wokeist, since there is a political imperative that is more important to them than the knee-jerk buzz-phrases they are so fond of, like ‘equity’ and ‘white privilege’. It is that ‘POCs must never be criticised.’ So ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

That cowardice is scarcely sustainable, when we see US C130 transport aircraft, overfilled with Afghans, struggling to take off and bodies literally dropping from the sky. And by the way, while on the subject of those C130s, did anyone else notice how many women and children there were, photographed in the aircraft’s hold? Well I looked and there appear to be at least thirty times as many men as women. So much for ‘women and children first’.

But of course, to wokeists up to their armpits in the rancid bile of their cult, to mention this is ‘sexist’ gosh, nay, far worse, ‘oppressive’ and even ‘colonialist’. It shows my ‘white male privilege’ that I could even consider pointing out that a 30:1 ratio of men to women on a rescue flight seems a little peculiar.

To Europeans, used to illegal migrants from the Middle East arriving in their millions, many claiming to be schoolchildren when they are in fact over thirty, such things are commonplace. We have come to understand that, bizarrely, there are almost no women in the POClands; for some strange reason, the 50:50 distribution in births doesn’t seem to apply there. We must presume that is why there is such an overwhelming preponderance of men arriving at our borders. And anyway, why should POCs respect wypeepo mores and sensibilities when they’re hijacking our planes? Our appropriate role, as the former ‘oppressors,’ is to enable the POCs to do things their way, even when it disgusts us. No?

Just wait for all the whingeing wokeists to start up about how being in Afghanistan was all about ‘exploiting the natural resources’. Maybe that was a reason, but it was not the only one and surely the watchman deserves to be paid. Even it it had been the end, all along, that could in no way excuse the shocking spectacle of US forces abandoning their allies and running like rats – led, of course, by the Rodent-In-Chief, Joe Biden.

It has been mooted, by various commenters far more scurrilous than I, that the reason Biden chose to cut and run was that he thought it might play well with the electorate in the 2022 mid-term elections, if he ‘brought the boys back home’. If that is the case I fear his obvious cognitive issues have misled him. The people want the boys back, but not at any price. Not in disgrace, fleeing like cowards from an enemy only last month described – by the King Rat himself – as ‘disorganised’ and ‘incapable of taking the country’. Not leaving all their equipment and weaponry, without even spiking the guns that the Taliban will now use as their own. How do you think those boys are going to be received when they get home, even though they were just following orders? It’s Vietnam 2.0.

The USA has been shamed, thoroughly humiliated on the global stage, by none other than its own alleged President.

Who would stand with the USA on one of its foreign adventures now? Who today thinks the ‘global policeman’ is worth his stipend? Who is ever going to take a word the muppet Biden has to say seriously? As the Yanks pull out, leaving their allies to the tender ministrations of the most murderous terrorist group in the region, look who’s staying – China, Russia and Iran. Their Embassies remain open for business. And they will profit of it, both financially and in geo-politics.

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In one stroke of monumental stupidity and crass political self-interest, the idiot Biden has done more to harm the West than any foreign power ever did. And trust me, the fall-out has only just begun. The next moves by China will be against Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, and it will consolidate its grip on the West Philippine Sea. These have already started, because China knows Biden hasn’t got the balls to resist. He just proved it. But it needs to move quickly, before the USA defenestrates the idiot and his handlers.

Wake UP!

So, my transatlantic cousins, I would say this: wake up. You have played along with an election that was obviously rigged. You have accepted the elevation of a doddering old fool to ‘Leader of the Free World’. You have not rioted or burned cities at his repeated incompetence or the patent illegitimacy of his claim. You’re just letting it all happen. Well, I tell you this: nobody respects the USA any more. It is no longer the global policeman, it is the global pariah, hated and mistrusted even by its closest allies.

If you want the USA to recover its position of trust, to be once again the guarantor of Western civilisation, you’ll have to get rid of the squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A little revolution, from time to time, is a good thing, don’t you think?

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