Qandeel Baloch: killed by Islam.

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Originally posted 2016-07-17 12:37:38.

A prominent Pakistani Facebook personality, Qandeel Baloch, has been brutally murdered by her own brother, in an ‘honour killing’. She was 26. To be an independent woman in an Islamic place is to invite your own close relatives to kill you.

Not only was Qandeel killed by her own brother, her parents, who were present, did nothing to stop him. They have been arrested.

Horrifying as Qandeel’s killing is, such murders are commonplace in the failed state of Pakistan. And why is Pakistan a failed state? Because Islam.

Nobody should be under any illusions now: we are at war already.

Qandeel is a victim of Islam.

If you are a woman, Islam will enslave you, and kill you if you refuse to comply. Qandeel’s death proves that.  Dare to show your bare head in public, and your own brother will strangle you to death for ‘offending’ Islam.

Refuse to marry the man your male relatives choose for you and they will kill you. Marry a man they don’t want you to and they will burn you to death. Allow yourself to be raped and you will be flogged and perhaps judicially murdered as an adulterer. This is Islam and we are at war with it.

If you are a Christian or a Jew, Islam may permit you to live, as long as you pay the dhimmi tax and defer to Muslims at all times. Otherwise it will kill you.

If you are of any other religion and refuse to convert, Islam will kill you.

If you are gay or homosexual or gender non-conforming, Islam will kill you.

If you ever express a doubt that Allah exists or that Mohammed was hardly the ‘perfect man’, Islam will kill you.

But its most potent hatred is for women. In Islam they are not fully human; they are objects, chattels of their male relatives, who can do as they like with them: Qandeel’s death proves that.

The most violent cult on Earth will kill you if it can.

Islam, as it is presently constituted, is the most violent and dangerous death-cult on Earth. It fully intends to totally destroy the West. When it has succeeded, women in the West will be slaves of men.

It is doing so by a process of infiltration and colonisation. Its aim is to impose a global Islamic Caliphate, governed by Sharia, its depraved ‘Law’. Its preferred method for doing so is by Stealth War — the slow infiltration, colonisation and ultimately overtaking of democratic nations.

Islam intends to destroy democracy, though it will use it to gain power. The erasure of democracy and its replacement by an Islamic theocracy is the purpose of Islamic Stealth War.If you get in its way, it will kill you.

Islam intends to re-establish slavery as normal. Wife-beating as normal. Paedophilia as normal. Killing adulterers as normal.

At the same time, it intends — fully — to kill all homosexual and ‘gender non-conforming people’. Although Islam has a long tradition of both homosexual practices and transsexualism, the modern, Wahhabist form will kill every single one.

The list just goes on and on.

Our politicians must act.

From now on, the only question we should be asking our politicians is ‘What are you going to do about Islam?’ And if the answer is ‘nothing’, then we know what to do with them.

When you are at war with a ruthless enemy whose sole aim is to destroy everything you have and kill you, you must accept strange bedfellows. And we are at war now, with just such an enemy.We may not like the politicians who are strong enough to fight, but we need them now.

I know. You have nice Muslim friends and they would never harm anyone. Islam is a religion of peace, isn’t it?

No, it’s not. It is a religion of war and killing.  Its disguise of peacefulness is just taqqiya — the lying and dissembly that all Muslims must practise until Islam is strong enough to take over. Then countless other women like Qandeel will die.

‘Peaceful’ Muslims?

The only peaceful Muslims are those who are not actually practising Islam. We have to support people like Maajid Nawaz — but he is loathed by huge numbers of practising Muslins who know, as he does, that the reforms he proposes are actually the abandonment of Qur’anic authority. This brave man’s life is in constant danger and the chances of him succeeding alone are practically nil.

When politician Humza Yousaf of the SNP swore loyalty to the British Queen wearing a kilt and sporran, people were quick to say how this was the true face of Islam: an urbane, polite, educated man adopting and respecting the traditions of the nation that had welcomed him.

I have no reason to doubt that he is an intelligent and courteous man; indeed I fervently hope he is. We desperately need many more like him.

However, though he is of Pakistani descent,  he does not practise Islam. If he did, he would know that Sharia specifically interdicts a man from wearing clothing below the ankle. His is not the true face of Islam. His is the face of an apostate, or perhaps something more dangerous.

Is Yousaf a decent secularist who has abandoned any literal interpretation of Islam for a moderate, cultural identity that is not really a religion at all?  Would he have stood between Qandeel and her killer, or Would he have refused to  interfere, as her parents did?

Or might he be a Stealth Warrior practising taqqiya, appearing in disguise before his enemies to gain their trust, before he attacks? If he is, how do we know? When our own and our children’s lives are in anger, can we take the chance?

Some questions.

Ask your peaceful Muslim friends these questions — which I would also ask of Yousaf:

Do you think a Muslim is permitted to refuse to sell alcohol to the public, even when that is why they have been employed?

Do you think a Muslim taxi-driver has a right to refuse to carry a blind person, because that person is accompanied by a guide dog?

Do you think a man may beat his wife?

Do you think a woman should cover her head in public?

Do you think homosexuality should be illegal?

Do you think those who leave Islam should be killed?

Do you think those who ‘insult’ Islam should be killed?

Are there any circumstances under which you would approve a terrorist attack, anywhere?

If you knew of an extremist cell with in your community, would you conceal that information from the police?

Do you think it would be a good idea if Islam were to take over the world completely?*

If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’, then the person you are talking to is not your friend. You are looking at the enemy who may one day murder you — and not think twice about it.


We have seen enough, now. The reason for the killing and the murders perpetrated by Muslims is not poverty or hardship. Nor is it grievance, real or imagined, over the Middle East. The reason is Islam. It is not Muslims; they are just people. But Islam is the most corrosive and dangerous death cult that exists and it remorselessly corrupts those it infects.

This week we have seen a brutal terror attack in France, with responsibility claimed by Daesh. We have seen a coup in Turkey fail. In its aftermath we see the brutality that only Islam knows. Turkey has fallen; it is well on the way to becoming a failed state like Pakistan. Its last chance to stem the tide of Islamism has gone.

Poor Qandeel Baloch’s brutal killing was just the most recent in a list of murders carried out ion the name of Islam. It will not be the last, by a long way.


*These are all questions that have been asked by Pew research.  A depressingly large number of respondents, even in the the West, answered in the affirmative.

4 Replies to “Qandeel Baloch: killed by Islam.”

  1. You might ask some “Christians” those same questions. Change the name of who/what they worship, and the answers are frightening similar.

    1. I’m an atheist and a plague on all their houses. But there is something about Islam that makes it much more dangerous than the other Abrahamic cults. I explained it here:

      Briefly, the Qur’anic doctrine of Abrogation means that only the most violent verses in the Qur’an have authority. That is because they were ‘received’ later and supersede the earlier ones. While there are indeed horrible verses in the Bible and certainly plenty of horrible Christians, there is wiggle room; there are huge contradictions in the Bible and it is simply impossible to believe the whole thing. You have to decide for yourself, if you are a Christian, which parts to follow and which to ignore. This choice is not available in Islam, because of Abrogation. In any scriptural disagreement, you just find out which verse is the later and that is the one with authority. Unfortunately, that is also, almost always, the violent one.

  2. Scary living. I am glad the spaniards invaded the Philippines and made it more Catholic. I’d take the lesser evil. The parents just watched wow. Now that is what you call planned parenthood. -_-
    Islam should be banned. It’s just stupid. Good for Japan.
    Now, I hope these European policies of equality even to muslims should be much limited. Equity is better. I wonder how we, as modern day people solve this. I think every muslim radical need a new hobby other than killing people.
    i try to stay away from people who don’t hold the same accepting and loving views that I have.
    But seriously, killing just because the head was revealed. I never heard of anyone having a head fetish.

    1. The purpose is male ownership of women. This horrible cult loathes women beyond all other things. In particular it detests a woman’s sexuality, and it has to be controlled by her male relatives until she can be married to a man trusted to control her. Qandeel was clearly an independent woman and Islam can never tolerate that.

      I would dearly love to see it banned, too. Well done Japan.

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