Our culture condemns transsexuals to pederasts

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Originally posted 2018-10-25 07:06:11.

The New Gay Man lifestyle is not the sweet, gentle thing you have been told it is. Instead it is based on organised, clandestine pederasty and the ruthless exploitation of boys.

Within it, young boys, the modern erominos, are seduced by older pederasts. When they become older themselves, and so unattractive, they become the erastes to a new generation of erominos in turn. In contrast to the Greek system, however, these individuals are not training boys to be men, but only to be pederasts like themselves.

Young feminine homosexual boys want real heterosexual men, but there is ZERO chance of them getting one, as ‘gay boys’. Absolutely none. So they are thrown to the pederasts of the New Gay Man lifestyle, which has managed to persuade legislators of its innocence.  There is an escape route, though.



The New Gay Man may be a recent phenomenon, but buggering boys has a long history.

Straight men and HSTS

Feminine homosexual males sit on a scale of development with Male-to-Feminine (MtF) Homosexual Transsexuals (HSTS), or transwomen. These are congenital Sexual Inverts who completed their development into  women, while feminine homosexual males are those Inverts who for some reason did not complete and still live as men.

Contrary to what you might think, there are many straight men who would willingly have a relationship with such transwoman, as long as she satisfied his expectations of femininity.  This is not homophobia; it’s just a reflection of the fact that heterosexual men avoid physical relationships with other men. They are attracted to femininity and repulsed by masculinity. Even the attenuated masculinity of a feminine homosexual boy may be enough to trigger their revulsion response.

That such men exist, and in increasing numbers, is clear from observing situations where transwomen congregate and by discussing this with them. Indeed, at time of this update, in February 2022, evidence suggests that the number of men sexually interested in transwomen is increasing rapidly in the West. This has a cumulative effect: the more men are prepared to be the partners of MtF transsexuals, the more young male Sexual Inverts are encouraged to complete.



The old threat of a miserable, lonely life as a transwoman is paper-thin, today. The ever-popular, glib solace that this fate can so easily be avoided simply by being a good boy, doing as the doctor tells you and donating your body and life to the pederasts of the New Gay Man lifestyle, simply will not wash, now. There are too many publicly visible transwomen in successful relationships with straight men. At the same time, the reality of the New Gay Man meat-market has become increasingly hard to conceal and its true, exploitative nature is more and more revealed — and reviled.

The young people we are talking about are not fools: they know that the visible ones are but the tip of the iceberg. Across social media and in private chat-rooms, they discover others who have walked the same path, successfully, and are now living happily as women.

Today that means, for such a boy, attracted to straight men, the largest potential dating pool can be accessed by transitioning into a convincing woman and not by remaining a gay boy. And now, he knows it.

Why would a young Sexually Inverted male, who could complete as a woman and find masculine male partners, want to pretend to be a man? Why is she not to be allowed to express her femininity and beauty? I mean she seems to be doing pretty well without anyone’s say-so.



The New Gay Man Pederasts and the great con trick

While in many parts of the world, it is simply an expectation that transgender homosexuals, that is, feminine homosexual boys and masculine girls, will transition and live as the opposite sex, the overwhelming rejection of male femininity in the Anglophone West has led to the development of a male homosexual project, the New Gay Man. This is the front organisation for a group of pederasts who ruthlessly prey on boys. Rather than accepting their natural femininity, these males attempt to hide it and instead may ‘hyper-masculinise’ themselves. Worse, they have persuaded many that this is acceptable behaviour, and to be their victims an acceptable fate for our sons.



This is what homosexual males look like, in more enlightened parts of the world. They have no trouble finding men to love them — and not ‘gay’ men either. They literally are male women and their partners are straight men. You read that right..
The reality of the New Gay Man; an abused woman in a man suit. She will never have her dream, a straight masculine man, so she abuses boys who are as she once was, and corrupts them to her lifestyle.

Remind me again how the toxic, manipulative New Gay Man lifestyle is ‘better’ than living a normal life as a normal woman in a normal way.

For that is the central lie being promoted today, by feminists, New Gay Men and their ‘gender-critical’ allies.  How patronising and erasing of transsexual youth. As if being buggered senseless by older males before taking your place amongst the buggers and sodomising, in your turn, your quota of younger males  could ever be a good thing! Far better that they should complete and be the women they really are.

Like this girl. Far better as a girl, don’t you think, than pretending to be a man?

The New Gay Man and his equivalents elsewhere, for they exist in pockets everywhere, is a depraved culture based on the satisfaction of physical lust for younger males. There is no love, nor respect, nor even decency to be found here; the innocent feminine boys inducted into this cult will be passed round a coterie of men who will happily pedicate him…a different one every month, every week, every day and even more. Until, eventually, he has become too old for the predators and must join their ranks himself.

And to the end of perpetuating this monstrous carousel, pre-transsexual boys (the same happens amongst women, but much less callously) and their parents are fed the same old same old lies, dressed up in new clothes — ‘We don’t mind you being a homo these days, you know, but you mustn’t be feminine — and never, ever be transsexual’. Their children must instead be fed into the relentless meat-grinder of the New Gay Man cult.

The New Gay Man, with the assistance of deluded academics, betrays our children; through it we are casting feminine boys to the wolves.


Completion as a woman is  the only escape from the pederasts, for a feminine homosexual boy

In almost all cases, Male to Feminine HSTS completion will be preceded by years of obvious sex non-conformity, including cross-dressing, crushes on boys, possibly canoodling with boys, rejection of masculine toys and games, adoption of feminine ones — and this, even in households where there are no girl children. This can begin as early as age 2 so, by the age of 14, the parents will have observed perhaps 10 or 12 years of sex  non-conformity. They either know what’s coming or are inadequate parents.

no pederasts please

Intense and persistent, consistent sex non-conforming behaviour and cross-gender identification, when associated with high levels of stress and discomfort at having to appear in society as a boy, for a male, or a girl, for a female, is indicative of Childhood Gender Dysphoria (CGD) This is caused by congenital Sexual Inversion. If it persists through puberty, it is a reliable, strong indicator that the individual will be a feminine, sexually receptive male or masculine, assertive female.



Transsexuals are characterised by many parameters; but two crucial ones are that they are intensely and exclusively same-sex oriented, in terms of sexual and romantic desire, from childhood; and they are just as intensely and consistently cross-gender identified, from the same age.

Whether or not such individuals complete and become homosexual transsexual women or men depends on the level of social intolerance they must face. Put bluntly, in tolerant societies, a majority will transition, but in intolerant ones like the Anglophone West, far fewer will. They have to run the gauntlet of the rampant political correctness that says ‘gay is always better’.

A New Gay Man quality control panel assesses a delivery of meat.

Brainwashing young HSTS

Young male Sexual Inverts are browbeaten with this lie by teachers, psychologists and doctors, by family and friends, as well as political activists opposed to what they call the ‘gender binary’ and want to see it destroyed — and who know that homosexual transsexuals absolutely support that binary, and the traditional masculine and feminine roles and values that underpin it.

These activists want to see homosexual transsexuals erased because they defy ‘gender neutral’ propaganda and stand against the  Brave New World, in which we shall all be genderless, soulless, personality-less, opinion-less slaves to the global, liberal elite, the slave-owners of yesteryear. So they are quite prepared to throw them into the gaping maw of the New Gay Man lifestyle. After all, for a collectivist, the end always justifies the means, and a few boys thrown into this relentless, soul-destroying, pederastic meat-grinder is an insignificant sacrifice.

no-pederasts please
How can it be better to be a failed man than a successful woman? Is that not a bit misogynistic, like? This girl is gorgeous and there are literally millions like her in Asia alone — every one actually male.

The Choice

There is a choice, for young feminine homosexual males. As they pass through puberty and begin to consider the life beyond it, they must decide whether to follow transgender homosexual aetiology to its natural conclusion and transition into women, or to submit to the relentless browbeating and sign their lives away to the ‘New Gay Man’ meat market.

In other words, they must choose whether it is preferable, being strongly same-sex oriented and cross-sex identified, having exhibited childhood sex non-conformity, which developed into Gender Dysphoria and in adolescence persisted and deepened, to integrate into society as women and try to find a nice man to love, or to became a part of a culture notorious for risky sexual behaviours, HIV, promiscuity, emotional abuse and relentless persecution of feminine homosexual males for being feminine — as if they could be anything else.



Kill the lie

And, yes, it’s usually still there. Get used to it, it doesn’t bite. These are male women. It’s the right outcome for a male Sexual Invert.

We need to kill the lie, now. Everywhere in the world, outside North America and Northern Europe, societies recognise that the desire to be penetrated makes a male into a woman, sexually. That understanding is as old as writing, it’s discussed in the Vedas, was implicitly understood by the Romans.

This is the true perspective; the New Gay Man one is a lie and worse, a politically convenient deception. We should not be condemning young people to live a lie, just because it might be Politically Correct to do so; and those who promote this lie, and seek to condemn Sexually Inverted boys to the pederasts, should be shamed.



3 Replies to “Our culture condemns transsexuals to pederasts”

  1. Hope you are keeping well… Another great article Rod. I tend to go to your YT Site, but good read!

    I do wonder with the surge of HSTS and Increasingly Passable AGPs (Trans Movement) do you see a decline in the NGM Lifestyle (I really hope so), its a sick and decadent lifestyle.

    Bottom line is if the “boi” is passable as femme then I know many men will date/relationship with her…

    That said, though most evidence points to 95-97% of the population being Hetro-sexual, of that a good % will be mildly to more than incidentally homosexual (Kinsey scale, not sure if there is more recent research). So long as they “pass/semi-pass” as women (as women too come in all shapes and sizes) and are feminine, then I know many Hetro men will date them.

    However Longer term there is still the issue of Family/Children, hopefully Artificial Wombs will be available soon so problem solved….

    Do you see HSTS and Trans growing and possibly becoming the new norm (in a Gay Sense) in the coming decades…

    This is a great article on the “Hyper Sexual Meat Market” called the NGM (Hello Pete Thatchell)**

    ** A point about the NGM and Gays in general you talk about a “meat market and penetration”, I read recently that a large percentage of Gays/Trans somewhere around 30-40% do not penetrate (meaning no or little Anal Sex)…

    …I know the main thing with Hetro men (with) Feminine Bois/Guys and Transwomen (even when they think they are attractive) is “how do I have sex with them”… AKA the problem with Anal sex…
    …Even when I was in a few stable/long(ish) type relationships with a Transwoman in South-East Asia and here in the West, I did not penetrate often. In fact most of the time it was non-penetrative (everything but anal sex – LOL)!. Even for my partners they said “they did not prep their butt” (AKA clean it)! For me certainly occasional non-pen sex with my Trans-partners was no big issue, But I can imagine for many Alpha+ Men they would want Penetrative Sex regularly/often!

    …I also know a few guys who love transwomen (more so than real women) but just cannot get themselves to penetrate Anally and these guys are definitely Alpha+. I also know some folks I would class as classic Alpha/Omega Gays in relationships but again, Anal Penetration they dislike. .. I do wonder also if HSTS or AGP Lights really must desire penetration for a fulfilling relationship? Your thoughts?

    I think this is the first Article of your which mentioned Omega Men, they are an interesting breed. Are they generally feminine and what % of the Male population are they. I also assume there is quite wide variantion of this percentage via Ethnic Group (AKA More Omegas in East Asians and Latins)…

    Thanks again, great Article!

    1. Hi Rick Thanks very much and I am doing well — I hope you are too.

      The longer I study this the more horrified I am by the New Gay Man and his agenda.

      ‘Do you see HSTS and Trans growing and possibly becoming the new norm (in a Gay Sense) in the coming decades…’

      I doubt if the NGM will die off entirely, unfortunately. There will always be naive HSTS boys who can be seduced into their lifestyle and as long as there is fresh meat going in, the lifestyle will persist. An unknown percentage of the NGM are not actually homosexual at all — the bisexuals and the non-trans AGPs being cases in point — we don’t know how many of these there are, but it’s a safe bet that most of the ‘masculine gays’ are actually not homosexual, in the sense that I have been using it, which is, same-sex oriented, exclusively, since childhood. The NGM was very clever in inventing the term ‘gay’ because, like ‘transgender’, it’s meaningless. It doesn’t tell you anything about the person other than that they belong to a particular lifestyle.

      Thank you for the Nicolosi article. It’s very good but again, in conflating different orientations within ‘gay’ it poses as many questions as it answers. I’m not going to deal with that here but I’ll do an article and let you known; maybe a video.

      I’m not convinced by the 3%-5% figure. I think that is hugely conditioned by culture. It’s certainly WAY more than that across southeast Asia and we are left with two possibilities: one, that there is a physical/genetic predisposition towards being homosexual in certain ethnicities. This is something that was considered by one of the greatest writers on this subject, Sir Richard Burton. He described what he called ‘Sotadic’ zone, which encircled the world but did not extend into the northernmost or southernmost areas. I don’t think he’s right; I think what he saw was the influence of Anglo-Saxon culture and a few other Germanic and Slavic cultures that viciously suppressed any form of homosexuality. But other than that, he’s on the ball and one thing he considers is why it is that homosexuals so love being anally fucked, while most men hate it. He suggests a peculiarity in nerve structure or something like it. Well, maybe; I have certainly often been amazed by how much unbridled and obvious pleasure — I would say ecstasy — and HSTS can get from it.

      My own view, however, is that this is psychological and derives from the pleasure/pain paradigm — ‘ that which causes pain when not desired, can cause pleasure when desired.’ I think most of the ‘gays’ who don’t like to be penetrated are not actually homposexual at all, they’re just in the lifestyle. I think with HSTS, well they too can suffer extreme discomfort but I think this comes from cognitive dissonance– the awareness that it is their anus and not a pussy. My experience and this is backed up by talking about this to many, many gays and HSTS here is that they absolutely LOVE being fucked. I remember a previous GF, HSTS, who was a virgin when I met her, after the first session was bouncing off the walls. She couldn’t get enough. I remember her completely demolishing the bathroom in the condo we rented in passion. Quite something. There’s nothing ‘lifestyle’ about that.

      Another problem is that US people in particular are brought up with serious anal issues and psychological problems with shit, basically. So they can be either too embarrassed to stick their cocks in there or too embarrassed to allow anyone to do it. Asian girls are so much cleaner than Western ones that this is far less of an issue and they know it. EVERY Asian washes her ass with soap and water after every defecation and HSTS always understand how to clean themselves internally with a douche or ‘bum-gun’.

      So I think a lot of these bum issues are cultural/psychological.

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘AGP light’ lol but if you mean southeast Asian profile AGps, who can be very feminine and are almost always pesudo-bisexual, they definitely have more issues with being fucked than HSTS. Like I say, HSTS can’t WAIT. They’re sucking your dick in the back of the taxi home.

      Anyway, nice to hear from you and thanks for the ideas, I’ll pursue them

      Best R

      I read recently that a large percentage of Gays/Trans somewhere around 30-40% do not penetrate (meaning no or little Anal Sex)

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