Time has run out: War has begun

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Originally posted 2017-02-03 07:34:03.

We have no time left to deliberate, now. Appeasement has failed, just as it did in 1939. The enemy is among us. He is far more cruel and vicious than Adolf Hitler and more totalitarian than the Nazis. He uses any weapon he can to kill us, while we have allowed our governments to take from us our own, with which we might, perhaps, have defended ourselves. His name is Islam and he has declared war.

Our cultural values of freedom and toleration we must now put aside, because our continent is sick. The dream of a free, peaceful Europe that we have been building for seven decades is dead.  We must, now, fight to preserve what is left, the essential core of our cultural values. To do that we must accept that many of our privileges, afforded by the system we live under, must be suspended. We are at war and that is one consequence.

We don’t want war.
Beirut in Lebanon was once the pearl of the Middle East. Then the Lebanese invited in Muslim ‘refugees’. Within four years the country had been destroyed and now, four decades later, it still has not recovered. We will soon see the same in Europe. It is the new Lebanon and our cities will be the new Beirut

Instead, we should greatly prefer peace. But we must say, now, as General William Tecumseh Sherman did of the Southern Confederacy: ‘War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want.‘ In other words, let us rain our vengeance down on those who would destroy us, until they beg for us to desist, or there are none left.

Europe, today, suffers from a cancer called Islam. The disease must be cut out before it consumes and kills its host.  It is assisted by its ‘useful idiots’ those pseudo-leftist racists who claim that identifying an ideology as toxic is somehow racist. They, too, are the enemy.

Islam is not a race. It is a hellish, totalitarian, misogynistic, sociophagic ideology determined to overtake the entire planet. Indeed, that is its sole reason for existing — global domination.

What are we fighting for?

We are fighting for the finest and most humane culture the planet Earth has ever supported. Our culture was born in the Renaissance in Europe. Since then it has rolled back religious superstition in every area of life. It has made women the equals of men — as they should always have been. Through it, science has triumphed. We have modern medicines and technologies that give us better, longer and healthier lives. Death in childbirth is practically unheard-of, today, in this culture, and childhood death is rare.

We have abolished slavery, making ours the first culture ever to do so; alongside that we have liberated the nations we once colonised and helped them to prosperity. We have given every person, male or female, no matter their beliefs, a vote in our governments and seats in our legislatures.

Our culture put men on the moon and robots on Mars; it probes the deepest darkness of the Universe and even looks back to the beginning of time itself. In it, people are more free, more independent and have more than at any time in the history of civilisation.

The extent of our knowledge and ability, the richness of our culture, is so great that a simple hunter-gatherer, as we all once were, cannot comprehend it and instead would create superstitions like the Cargo Cults of Polynesia, to explain the phenomenon of alien white people who could fly and brought riches from heaven.

Fighting for Diversity

We are fighting for the greatest wealth and diversity in art and creativity of any culture the world has ever seen.

Thanks to our culture, which has its roots in Christianity but respects religious difference, we have developed forms of secular democracy that are more fair and representative than any other system  before it.

Our culture was invented by white European men, but it welcomes everyone. It will listen to and benefit from, ideas and influences from anywhere. Intrinsically sympathetic, inclusive, egalitarian and responsive, it is both scientific and artistic too. Its achievements are beyond measure .

Our culture is not just any culture: it is the best culture that has ever existed.

We have a choice.

We have to choose: allow our culture to be destroyed, or to destroy that which would destroy it. There is no ‘Appeal to moderate Muslims’. The fact is that they are so few that they are useless. Most Muslims, as shown in survey after survey, support the aims of the terrorists, even if they do not admit to being of them. It’s that simple.

Curing the disease will be a hundred times more difficult now, than it would have been had we had the common sense to listen to Enoch Powell nearly 50 years ago. Since then we have allowed an almost untrammelled flow of Muslims to enter Europe.

Yet we have made no attempt to oblige them to assimilate. We have, instead, actually promoted the sheer insanity of ‘multiculturalism’.

Multiculturalism is all fine and dandy when it means you can get a great Chicken Tikka; but it has a much darker side.

Even Muslims who are second or third generation, born and raised in Europe, do not accept European values. They actively collude with and hide the terrorists.

We need to act, now.

We need, right now, not next year or in the years after, to act, or it will be too late. The spate of attacks and the Islamic colonisation of Europe that promotes them is just getting started.

We need laws to prevent the wearing of the niqab or the burkha. Naturally, we should not arrest the women; instead we should arrest their husbands, or their fathers if they are not married. Those men should be stripped of their assets and told that our State social security systems are no longer available to them. No health care. No housing or unemployment benefit.

If they want these things back, then they must side with us. They must join with us in destroying the mosques. Every single mosque that exists in Europe has to be levelled, and the land sold for development. To preach Islam in any form whatsoever must become a criminal offence. Just as Britain banned the IRA in the 1980s, so we must now ban Islam. Silence it, for it is a thing of evil.

We must close all Islamic schools and educate the children  in secular ones where the teaching of Islam is not permitted. If their parents refuse, then the authorities should seize the children and, if necessary, deport the parents.

Whether we like it or not, Christianity is the foundation of the finest, most successful, most egalitarian and most humanitarian civilisation that has ever existed. We need to protect it.
Inaction must stop.

Secular and moderate Muslims — insofar as they exist — can no longer hide behind a veil of inaction. They must take up the sledgehammers and assist us to destroy the mosques. They must throw the petrol, beside us, on the piles of Arabic Qur’ans. The repetition of any phrase from the Islamic texts — even the seemingly innocent but deeply offensive ‘inshallah’ — must be made a criminal offence.

Nothing happens because Allah wills it. Allah does not exist. To use the phrase ‘inshallah’ is an act of public defiance, of refusal to integrate into a secular, democratic society. Details as tiny as that we must attend to, and the greater ones, with even more vigour.

We must ban Halal methods of animal slaughter, barbaric and cruel. Female genital mutilation is already illegal in many places, but how many prosecutions have there been? We must now identify all the young women who have been so abused, locate their relatives, and arrest them. We must outlaw circumcision of boy children. The dissemination of texts in Arabic must be made illegal.

We should not imprison the people we find guilty of these offenses. We must instead strip their assets and, in particular, seize any land they hold. It must be made illegal for Muslims to buy land, even from other Muslims, and of course, inheritance of land by Muslims must stop.

No more ‘refugees’.

Needless to say, no more male ‘refugees’ from the Syrian or other conflict zones can be accepted, unless they solemnly undertake to reject Islam. Even then, those few that we welcome must wear electronic tags, so that we know where they are at all times. They must be banned from gathering in groups greater than five. And if you think that’s draconian, we will have to do the same for all Muslim men over the age of fourteen who are already here; and they will have to pay for the devices.

Muslim migrants entering Europe. These are not refugees; they left all the women and children behind. Their purpose is to colonise Europe and destroy or enslave its indigenous population.

We cannot continue to offer Muslims the protection we do to citizens unless they reject Islam. That means no more voting rights or freedom of assembly and a drastic restriction of the right to free speech. It means an end to the freedom to practise Islam itself.

We cannot afford to wait.

We need to begin doing this right now. This week. But it will not be enough. The Muslim ghettoes we have allowed to develop across Europe themselves must be destroyed. They must be dismantled and the people dispersed. The State must seize any assets they have and use that to assist them to travel to another country of their choice, or if they refuse to choose, to whichever country their family originally came from. We may have to  remove millions of people from Europe.

Yes, it sounds ghastly, but it need happen to no-one; all they need do is categorically reject Islam and work with us to root it out. We are not seeking to remove people, but instead a Dark Age belief system that embraces war, torture, slavery and killing and specifically sets out to dominate the world. We had no compunction in doing everything we could to rid ourselves of Communism; Islam is just another totalitarian belief system. By ridding the world of it we would be doing Muslims a service, for they are its greatest victim.

We, as Europeans, have a simple choice. We cut the cancer out now, while we still have a chance, or we do nothing.

If we do nothing, the whole of Europe, within ten years, will be a war zone, and that includes the UK. London will be like Baghdad. The invader is already here, and we have allowed our stupid, self-serving governments to disarm us.

If you are a moderate Muslim, then you must stand with us against Islam.

So to the moderate Muslims in Europe I say, now, ‘Stand with us. Denounce the terrorists and hand them to the authorities. Destroy the mosques where hatred is preached. Stand up for the rights of women. Protect the values of the Europe that welcomed you in.’ Those who will not do so, declare themselves to be the enemy.

I love my children. I would die for any one of them, right now. To them I say: ‘Leave. Get out. Go to the Americas or a part of Asia where Islam does not exist. Save yourselves.’

To those people in the Americas where the infection has only just begun, I say, stamp it out it now. Whatever you have to do to remove Islam, do it. Deal with your injured consciences later. You are as Europe was, 40 years ago. If you do not take action now, in under four decades your culture, too, will be overwhelmed. Do not imagine that the possession of personal firearms will be enough to protect you. Islam will turn every city it infests into a new Beirut; and those it overtakes into a new Gaza.

Islam is the greatest single threat to humanity that exists today. It is more imminent than the threat of nuclear war. It is more imminent and dangerous, even, than climate change. We must extirpate it, root and branch.

It’s Islam or us.

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