Happy Trump Day!

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Originally posted 2017-01-20 06:41:37.

Well, it’s here at last, Trump Day. The twentieth of January 2017. This is the day we begin to roll back the tide and reclaim both our culture and our homelands.

Trump Day marks the turning of the tide, and that is why millions of screaming, whining pseudo-liberals are so upset. There is nothing they loathe more than a powerful white man. And Donald Trump is just such a man.

A vicious alliance of lesbians, race-supremacist blacks and of course Muslims, who will use any opportunity to bite the hand that feeds them, has lined up in ‘protest’ at the democratic will of the American people. That people elected Trump as an honest broker, a harbinger of change that would put an end to nearly a decade of appalling cavilling to the most destructive and hate-filled forces in Western society.


They rejected the ghastly alternative: a corruption-drenched transgender whose bloody hands provoked war across the planet, who actively participated, with her mentor Obama, in the creation of Daesh, a force of pure evil, and thus caused the economic migrant crisis that now afflicts Europe. Civil war is already breaking out on the continent as a result and within a decade it will be the new Lebanon — all to serve the interests of an amoral harpy whose only interest was her burning obsession with power.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, for it was she who was rejected, should be brought to trial both for her corruption and for her war crimes. Today, Trump Day, should be when fear, of rightly spending the rest of her life behind bars, begins to haunt her nightmares. Perhaps she will do the decent thing and shoot herself; but that would be totally out of character for a sliming, wheedling, cavilling apparatchik such as she.

Female supremacists

Do not listen to the lies of ‘feminists’. These are not as we once knew, egalitarians who just wanted a fair shake for women. It was a disgrace that it was ever denied them, but, in the West at least, that has long since been rectified. There is no ‘sex pay gap’. In most Western countries it is illegal to offer salary differential based on sex. While there remain pockets of darkness, women across the West have access to contraception, most have to abortion, to education, to work, to welfare, to suffrage and to equal treatment to men under the law.

Today’s ‘feminists’ are feminazis, sex-supremacists whose desire is not to be equal to men, but to kill all men. And the men they hate most are straight white men — because in feminazi culture, the only people who are allowed to be men are lesbians masquerading as ‘transmen’. On Trump Day we celebrate the turning of the tide against these repulsive man-haters and join with the vast majority of our sisters who do not hate men and who have not been corrupted by the wickedness of ‘Social Justice’ theory.

A hundred and fifty years ago, the United States fought a bloody civil war that pitted brother against brother and opened wounds that have never properly healed. Why was this war fought? Because white men objected to the keeping of black people as slaves. These slaves were held by both other white men and black people; they had been enslaved originally by Muslims. Those white men who objected to this fought and died to liberate black slaves from their masters and mistresses. White men fought and died to free black people.

Segregation ended 50 years ago

It is true that segregation continued in the southern states of the US for almost a hundred years after that civil war, along with other evils, like the assassination of black rights workers and travesties like share-cropping. But all that ended fifty years ago and who put an end to it? White men.

White men owe black people nothing. They freed those black people with their lives. The sins of the fathers are not visited on the sons and there are no reparations to pay.

Black race supremacists would have you believe that white men continue to persecute blacks; but the overwhelming majority of blacks killed in shootings in the US today are killed by other blacks. The most successful ethnic group in the US today is Nigerian-Americans, because they have a strong work ethic.

If US culture has failed any blacks it is in being too delicate, in allowing a culture of self-imposed victimhood to grow up amongst them, in which they blame the ills of their subculture on white culture, instead of recognising their own indigence and refusal to properly integrate; their refusal to seize the opportunities US culture affords them and to improve their lives through hard work.

Black representation

White men fought and died to free black slaves. Yet today, they ask for ‘reparations’.

Across the US, blacks are represented in business, academia, the military, the bureaucracy and even in government, in rough proportion to their relative numbers in society. The US has had a black President; Neil deGrasse Tyson looks pretty black to me; and some of the highest-earning entertainers are black — just ask Will Smith. Those who fail, do so because they are indigent and have no work ethic, not because they are black.

Martin Luther King’s dream has been fulfilled: a black man has sat in the Oval Office. There may be localised racism, but endemic, structural racism no longer exists in the US. Today’s ‘black movements’ are supremacist organisations whose philosophy is based on hatred, on a desire to punish others for their own failings: a desire, that is, to kill white people.

Today, on Trump Day, Americans celebrate all the blacks who voted for a strong man to lead the country.

Muslims, too — who are not a race but adherents to a cult — have basked in a decade when their assume victim status has paid dividends to them. Living on welfare and in state-subsidised housing, refusing to comply with the obligations of their job description on ‘religious grounds’, they have wormed their way into positions of influence. On Trump Day we look forward to their house of cards being shattered.

One class of transsexual

There is only one class of transsexual. These are males who are naturally small, light, finely-featured, neotenous and are innately attracted to masculine, powerful males. They are psycho-sexually inverted and their existence has been recognised and described for thousands of years;  so feminine that it is almost impossible for them to live as men, so they transition into women. They have been doing this since the days of Uruk in Sumer, where they self-castrated to serve Inanna.

There are also male transvestites. They too, have been described for millennia. But they are not transsexual. Neither are ‘transmen’ who are transvestite lesbians who prefer to live in a masculine role.

The important thing to note is that the individuals in all these types, whether transsexual or transvestite, all accept that there are only two sexes and two genders. There is no ‘rainbow’. There are not ‘thousands of genders’, or 97, or 35 or even six: there are only two.

So where does the ridiculous ‘LGBTQwhatever’ nonsense come from? Female supremacism. White men are not allowed to be white men, so they must emasculate themselves and become white transvestites. It would be better if they could change their skin colour, but that is not considered Politically Correct. On the other hand, as white transvestites they can continue to lust after women and pretend they are lesbians. Thus they score twice in the insanity of ‘intersectionality’, as transvestites and as queers. And they even get to legitimise shaming real lesbians into being fucked by them. Yahoo.


‘Transmen’ are either lesbians or, increasingly, women who desire to supplant men as authority figures. In a culture where the worst thing is to be a man — that is a straight person born male — then to be a transman — a queer person born female — affords status.

To people like these, the worst is to be a straight white man; the next is to be a straight white woman who loves white men; and right after that, the transsexuals, who become women in order to love men. There is no hatred greater than that which the ‘LGTBQ’ hegemony reserves for these individuals. They are traitors to the cause reviled by gays — man-loving men who don’t have the courage to transition — on one hand, and by feminazis on the other, for daring to be more attractive to men than they could ever be; and worse, far worse, for enjoying sex with them and ‘furthering feminine stereotypes’ — in other words, delighting in being women.

Today, on Trump Day, we set this to rights. There are two genders. Gays are not men, but ‘women pretending to be men in order to have sex with other women pretending to be men.’ ‘Transmen’ are just bitter female supremacists seeking to persuade us all — by lies and semantics — that they are actually that which they detest the most, alpha males. Today we alpha males re-assert control of the debate.

After Trump Day

After Trump Day, every spoiled-brat ‘Social Justice Warrior’, no matter where they raise their ugly little heads or voice their specious, poisoned little opinions, should be dumped on from a great height.

Every female sex-supremacist should be cut down to size: you have your equality, and that’s all you’re getting. Black race-supremacists need to be told, get a life, use the opportunities that you have and actually do some work. Then you might join the legions of black people who already have done so and who have good lives because of it. Bitching about the problems that your own bad life-choices have brought upon you will not work any more, because of Trump Day.

Smarmy transvestites like Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, time to wake up. You’re not going to be changing anything. Real transsexuals will be celebrated, but you’ll be recognised for what you are — men in dresses.


And Muslims, oh, Muslims. Leave your vile supremacist cult behind or go home. Integrate or leave. No more mosques, no more ‘faith schools’, no more cruelty to animals in the name of ‘halal’, no more sharia, no more abuse of women and children. If you want to be in the West, accept Western values.

So on this day, Trump Day, we look forward to many wrongs being righted. We look forward to the re-establishment of our culture — white Renaissance European culture — as dominant in the West. We look forward to the end of an era of being shamed for being the finest culture the world has ever seen, that brought a glittering constellation of art, music and culture; that gave us medicine and science; that enshrines free speech and political representation; that will not tolerate supremacism.

We look forward to victory.

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