Feminism: a toxic social neurosis

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Originally posted 2022-03-25 08:21:47.


Feminism and therapy are both implicated in the rise of Female to Masculine adolescent transition, but feminism’s influence is foundational.

There would be no need for therapy, if people were not asking for it, after all. Why are young females in particular asking? Feminism has told them a bundle of lies and half-truths and they have been taken in.

The celebration of femininity has not yet been ‘killed dead’ but many expressions have been erased; witness the fate of the Grid Girls or Victoria’s Secret’s cynical move to promote its woke credentials. Across the art world, the depiction of female beauty, especially nude, is now effectively banned (I’m a certificated art teacher, so I am expert in this.) These are just a few examples that illustrate the war being waged on femininity, by feminists.

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A Clockwork Orange

We have seen a return, in little more than a decade, to the prudishness of the 19th century. As an example, last night I watched A Clockwork Orange, which features routine full nudity and simulated sex. (Sam, regarding Malcolm McDowell’s Priapic member: ‘Oh that’s big!’) The film was banned, yes, but for violence, not for nudity. There is no way it could be made in the bluestocking, stuffy West of today. This regression to a previous era did not come from men, it came from women and the agent was feminism.

The reproductive success of any sexually dimorphic species is dependent on the number of fertile females, not males. Polyandry is in fact common in many non-urbanised cultures, for example the Mosuo of China and the Zoe of Amazonia. Neither are unique. In these cultures, female competition, in the form of women beautifying themselves, is observable. Within the Home Group (Not-men) social elevation comes through motherhood. Since the Home Group’s space is governed by women, not men, this is natural. Remember, men provide, women decide.

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Partible Paternity

In these cultures, men do not know which are their children, because their female partners also have other partners. They effectively become uncles to all the children. This is called ‘partible paternity’. It is possible that it might have a bearing on male group bonding such that all males in such a group (they’re closely related anyway) share this kind of bond. This might explain men’s superior efficiency in team sports, hunting and combat. (Might.) It seems particularly relevant when one considers the intense bonds that form between soldiers. Veterans today can remember every detail of the men they served with in say, Vietnam or earlier wars and are still emotionally affected by their loss, decades later. They really are ‘Brothers in Arms’.

Certainly, there is a sustainable argument that this adaptation, partible paternity, is much more efficient than say the behaviour of chimpanzees and other Great Apes, where a new dominant male will kill all the existing young and mate with the females, basically through rape. Human behaviour, by placing the right to decide in the hands of women and outlawing rape, allows for social stability and for fewer resources to be wasted on young that might be killed. It’s likely that the cumulation of many small but important adaptations like this, rather than any one in particular, is the reason for human success as a species.

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The Mothers

Women do compete for male attention, as is obvious, but women are also the gatekeepers to sex. (See Robert Briffault, The Mothers.) Unlike other primates, we do not permit rape but enforce female control of sexuality through severe punishment of it. (There is no ‘rape culture’ in humanity. In fact all human cultures are based on the prevention of rape and the defence of women and children.)

This is backed up by female (not male) reaction against female promiscuity. Males see this as providing an easy target, females see it as impinging on their control over the supply of sex and thus, over society. It directly compromises the well-being of their own children too, because a man permitted to stray might find another woman and abandon his existing family.

On the other hand, notoriously, women practise ‘hypergamy’ in which they will trade up to a higher status man, if the opportunity arises. They can only do this by breaking the society’s rules. This makes them unpopular with other women. They also will persuade men to do things that raise their own status and by implication, the woman’s. This is exactly what Lady Macbeth did. She persuaded her husband to break every rule of hospitality and murder a friend, to whom he had sworn allegiance.


‘Trans men’

Today, feminists do everything they can to persuade women not to have children or indeed, to be feminine in any way at all. (Too bad for all those ‘trans men’ who give birth; there is no statement more feminine than conceiving, gestating and delivering a baby.) The consequence has been a catastrophic fall in the reproductive rates of the most productive and economically successful classes. It’s not just white people who are under attack; Japan is now at unsustainably low reproduction levels. Apparently women there prefer to have dogs. Unfortunately, this trend is replicated across the developed world.

Feminism long since ceased to be about ‘equality’, a complete canard in itself anyway. Every legitimate aim of the feminist movement, under the heading of ‘equality’ was achieved in the West decades ago. Women have equal voting rights, are equal under the law, are paid the same and are even prioritised in employment and education over men. So why does feminism still exist? Why has it not ‘withered’ away, all its aims having been achieved?

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Feminism is a neurosis.

The reason is simple. Feminism was never about ‘equality’. It has always been about the suppression of masculinity and the erasure of men. There is no such thing as ‘toxic masculinity’ there are just men not behaving as women want them to, not doing as women presume to tell them to. In fact if you want to see ‘toxic masculinity’ go to the nearest gay gym…but that is a false masculinity, of course, as overplayed yet as ersatz as the pseudo-femininity of male transvestites. There is no ‘rape culture’ or‘gender pay gap’. There is nothing left for feminists to achieve except the eradication of men. But in doing so, whether they realise it or not, they will eradicate humanity.

Feminism today is a toxic, destructive social neurosis that sooner or later will have to be extirpated. Let’s make it sooner.

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