A Fraud called ‘Tailcalled’ — and an offer.

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Originally posted 2022-11-03 14:30:49.

‘Tailcalled’ is the name by which a particularly nasty form of internet lowlife goes. He brought himself to my attention again recently, this time by challenging me on Twitter, with his bogus theorising. I ran his ass off my YouTube a couple of years ago for doing the same thing.

The funny thing is, we don’t even know if ‘Tailcalled’ is male or female. Looking at the image he uses of himself, I’d hazard that either he is actually a female with a weird identity fetish or that is not his picture.

Looks more like a woman than a jeep to me.

‘Tailcalled’ likes to make up phoney ‘surveys’ with no credible methodology at all and then pretend that this makes him (her) an authority of the stature of Blanchard, Bailey, Lawrence and others. (Note that I do not include myself; I am merely a reporter.) In fact, ‘Tailcalled’ is not an authority of any kind, but it is clear, since he does have sycophants, that the weak-minded do not realise this.

‘Tailcalled’; purports to be a ‘fan of psychometry’ without, apparently, realising that psychometry, a dubious discipline in any case, depends entirely on the quality and context of both the questions and the samples.

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‘Tailcalled’ is, to the understanding of Autogynephilia and more importantly in helping men with this condition, a total irrelevance. However his unfortunate existence does allow me to make a point — one which I have made to him and his sycophants many times.

I am public. ‘Tailcalled’ is not.

I am completely public. What you see is what you get. All my details are here and these are true. I have even added my passport, though with, of course, the number etc blanked out. (It’s at the bottom.) The scum who surround ‘Tailcalled’, being as utterly vile as he is, wanted me to give them my Social Security number, as if I were a criminal. I gave them part of it.

Now why is this important? It’s important because you cannot have true free speech or open debate when some people are hiding behind fake identities and others are not. ‘Tailcalled’ is a coward who will not even reveal his real name. Yet he expects to be taken seriously by me, when I reveal everything about myself. What is he so afraid of? Nothing could happen to him that has not happened to me.

It is an essential principle of reasonable rebate that the individuals can be held accountable for their claims and that there is equivalency in their status. We do not expect to see Oxford Dons debating Primary children or those ignorant of the law defending themselves in court; we expect to see a ‘fair fight’, if you like. That cannot happen when one of the parties — and only one — is hiding behind a false identity.


A schematic of Reddit.

I do appreciate that in certain vile cesspits on the Internet, people do this. They hide whom they are in order to make vile, anonymous attacks on others and evade any consequences. A classic example would be Reddit. Ask yourself why I will have nothing to do with that place. If rats have names, I’ll talk to them; but rats without names can fly kites.

This openness on my part has come at no small cost. Transactivists and associated vermin have used my public information to harm me quite deliberately, and continue to do so. They have used cancel culture on a number of sites against me, because they don’t like what I say — which is just the scientific consensus. These include Quora, Medium and Gumroad.

I have been falsely accused of criminal behaviour and one Autogynephile — who had spent months stalking me — even tried to get me arrested — for what, I wonder. The same charming specimen — who masquerades as a real transsexual — discussed taking out a contract on my life, with individuals he thought sympathetic but who were absolutely shocked by his crazed suggestion and passed it on to me. This one, too, hides behind a fake name, but his identity and address I subsequently discovered. Yes, I’m talking about you, Paul.

Needless to say, I regard these sites and individuals as being as utterly despicable as ‘Tailcalled’, his sycophants and their ilk.

As an aside, Elon Musk is changing the rules for ‘blue ticks’ on Twitter. He wants to charge eight US dollars a month. Well I say — as I have tweeted to him — I will happily pay that as long as I have a cast-iron guarantee that all blue ticks have verified identity and are using their real names. Otherwise, what would be the point?

Black and White

So here it is, in black and white, ‘Tailcalled’. I will debate you at any mutually convenient time on any mutually acceptable video platform, as long as you reveal your name and your email address — your real one — and supply a recent photograph of yourself on some government approved identity document. Not just to me, but to the public at large. After I have confirmed that and only after, I’ll debate you.

Until you do, I will continue to regard you as a gutless coward and a fraud whose level I shall not lower myself to. And the same goes for your anonymous sycophants. Scumbags every last one.

Right to reply:

Naturally, ‘Tailcalled’ has a right to reply to my allegations and he is welcome to do so, in the normal comments section. However, if he does not first identify himself as set out above, that is, with his real name, a verifiable email address and an official, photographic identification, then I will simply remove any such comments, along with any from his sycophants. Can’t say fairer than that, now can I?

Stop hiding. Daylight is not so bad

Yes I really am this person.

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