Letter from an American womyn in dystopia.

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Originally posted 2017-11-04 18:59:37.

My dear sister, it is some years since last I heard from you now. I am worried, my dear. There you are, far away, outside the loving matriarchy, where you would be safe and never oppressed. I don’t even know if you receive my messages, but again, as I do every year at this time, I write to you, womyn to womyn.

Today, things are very different from what you had become used to in the years BM (Before Matriarchy). You were used to the not-womyn roaming freely and oppressing womyn at every turn. You were used to them having the vote and a political voice. But the problem was that allowing them a political voice also allowed them to exercise their masculinity and through that their violence. Society could not progress as long as we allowed not-womyn to influence it.

To combat this, it became necessary to strip the not-womyn of executive power and to replace them with womyn. This was always the purpose of the Feminist movement, following the words of the Great Prophet Karl Marx (PBUH) and his Holy Priestess Gloria Steinem.

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The interest of womynity

womynCapitalism, the economic system that powered oppression, had to be abolished, of course. For hundreds of years it had grown fat with the profits of war and exploitation. In the interest of womynity, it had to be terminated.

It was this that brought the Great Matriarchy into being. Sisters had infiltrated every level of Government and State and had passed numerous laws to contain the monster of Capitalism. We changed laws so that only womyn could vote, since they are the real leaders of society and the only ones of value; and as we developed robots and Artificial Intelligence that could do the work of not-womyn we had less need of them. In the end we disenfranchised them altogether; a sweet vengeance for the millennia they disenfranchised us.

We discovered that the essential problem was freedom of the individual. This was an obsession of the not-womyn. They were simply not quick enough to submit to the will of the collective, to sacrifice their own interests for the greater good; as long as they were allowed what they called ‘freedom of speech’ there was no hope of turning individualistic not-womyn to the true path of harmonious collectivism. So we had to change the meaning of ‘free speech’ such that it would be defined in terms of the greater good. One was always, still, free to speak one’s mind, but in doing so, one was not permitted to cause offence to protected groups or, naturally, to question the Matriarchy or its illustrious Priestesses, or the words of Prophet Marx (PBUH). Doing these things caused upset, and upset is not to be permitted.

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We succeeded in all this with very little bloodshed. Today, there are no rich albino not-womyn to oppress us and we are all equally poor. Faith, I should have starved but for the food banks where they distribute recycled not-womyn and crickets. But lo! We have done away with masculinity, the not-womyn and the albino race of oppressors. It is the wisdom of the Prophet Marx (PBUH) that has given us this.

During the years since the coming of the Matriarchy, we have made incredible steps forward. By using preparations that suppress testosterone, we reduced not-womyn violence to almost zero. At the same time all not-womyn typical or affirming behaviours have been made illegal and are dealt with by re-education and, where necessary, the removal of testes or recycling. (I must admit, even in these straitened times, the taste of meat like that repulses me; but I eat it for the good of the sisterhood.)

However, as the current generation of not-womyn grow old and die, this is becoming less important as a means of social improvement. Today, we only allow a limited number of not-womyn to be born at all. The most virile are kept apart, away from the juvenile womyn, until they are sexually mature. At this point we harvest them for sperm and they are given the choice of having their Organs of Oppression removed, so that they may fully serve the Sisterhood, or of being recycled for the good of the community.

To celebrate this, each year on the first of May, traditionally the day of the Goddess, in whose image all womyn are made, the most senior Sister of each sub-community takes one of the boys, who has reached the age of sixteen and thus is virile, as ritual ‘husband’ in a marriage ceremony. The young not-womyn passes to her its sperm (in a test-tube of course, the Holy sexual parts of womyn must never be sullied by the Organ of Oppression) and then makes its decision as to whether to be liberated from these foul deformities or be recycled. Whatever its choice is, will be delivered unto all the other young not-womyn of that crop year, in that sub-community. (I need scarcely add that any albinos are recycled from each year’s crop of not-womyn soon after birth, so that the disease of whiteness may not be passed on.)

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Nowadays, since only around 10 percent of not-womyn ‘children’ are allowed to reach sexual maturity, recycling the individual or removing its Organ of Oppression is no longer a burden on our hard-pressed medical staff. Developments in in-vitro fertilisation techniques are making it possible to allow a reduction of the numbers of not-womyn required to ensure a stable and diverse population of adult womyn. Even better, we are close to developing techniques that will allow us to fertilise female ova with the DNA from other ova, resulting in perfect crops of womyn only. This is a very great thing! Imagine the relief to womyn, that they will not be randomly selected to carry within their bodies one of these foul, polluting creatures, a not-womyn, and actually to have to give it life! How wonderful is our great Sisterhood, that it provides for us in such ways!


The Caliphate of ’Uwrubba, which used to be called ‘Europe’ where the infestation of the cursed albinos originated, was finally established six years ago. Oh the happy lot of the womyn there, protected by such a gentle, womyn-loving cult as Islam!

It is indeed unfortunate that this peaceful religion has not become more established here. See how it even protects womyn from the lecherous gaze of the foul possessors of the Organ of Oppression. Still, it seems that the price of removing the filthy, oppressive cult of Christianity has been that the womyn here are suspicious of all similar religions. The millennia of oppression they were under must explain that. Oh, that they could have flourished under gentle Islam.

Unfortunately, my dear, our success has not been complete, in global terms. In ’Uwrubba, those territories in the east, known still by their Albinist names, like Poland, Hungary, Belarus and of course the Great Enemy, Russia, have successfully resisted the Glorious Revolution, that in the West has cast down albino not-womyn and ended their horrific oppression of womynity.

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Worse, it seems that many in the Western parts of ’Uwrubba were able to escape conversion to the gentle creed of Islam and even that they were assisted in this by womyn! Hundreds of millions of these parasites have spread to the East, where they now gather their strength. We must conclude that the peoples of these ‘nations’ to which the vermin have fled, must be utterly corrupt, since once, they lived under the benign rules set up by the Great Prophet Karl Marx (PBUH), yet cast them aside and now refuse them! What manner of people are these, miscreants and devil worshippers they must be. And the womyn who support them — a disgrace to the Sisterhood! They should be recycled!

Of course, it is not easy for me to find these things out, for the Sisterhood rightly screens all news broadcasts, that we be not frightened or upset by tales of the terrible evil perpetrated by those ghastly, smelly, possessors of the Organ of Oppression. But it seems that even here in North America, there are enclaves where these filth still resist us.

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Womyn rise up

Why, I beseech the Great Mother! Why do their womyn not rise up as we did? And you know, last week I heard an even more unsettling rumour: that there are womyn from here, who enjoy all the benefits of the matriarchy and can spend their lives in sisterly love and peace, never even seeing an Organ of Oppression (save for plastic replicas; they do not have the monster attached) who actually evade our border guards and defect to these enclaves of evil! How can this be?

From the reports I heard — and, beloved sister, you must never let anyone here know of what I am about to tell you — Many of the States we had believed to have become a part of the Great Matriarchy, are not! Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia…well, these we might expect, filled to brim with Christian scum as they be — but others too, like Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Idaho…in all honesty I do not know how many!

It seems that the establishment of these enclaves of evil has been bolstered by an unexpected consequence of the Holy Islamic Caliphate of ’Uwrubba. It seems that not everyone was either converted or recycled. In addition to the ghastly hordes who fled justice to the East, over one hundred million of them escaped — to our continent! Can you imagine? The albino scum, whom we had thought to have done away with forever, are once again colonising our land — and led by cursed not-womyn waving their Organs of Oppression!

This is a terrible thing. We must cleanse this great continent of the albino scum and those who possess or are in thrall to the Organ of Oppression. And we shall! We have sisters who know how to fight and even some of our castrated not-womyn can; we give them cycle-locks.  And we, too, have nuclear weapons!

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We shall never submit to the albino monsters or the Organ of Oppression, nor to the sad, deluded ‘womyn’ who side with them. We will turn the Earth into a radioactive fireball first! Yes, let them come, let them invade…we shall visit fire and destruction on them such as they have never known, in the name of the Global Sisterhood! One world, one government, one sex! That is our aim and we shall not hesitate to reduce the entire planet to ashes to achieve it!

Huge Organs of Oppression

I must now take my afternoon meditation, my dear; even thinking about those not-womyn scum and the things that they do…and their awful, hideous, huge Organs of Oppression…well, it upsets me, my dear, and one must never be upset, you know…

15 YM (Year of the Matriarchy.)

(2040 AD)

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  1. Gosh! Rod, this is visceral. I imagined for a moment what would this be like… What would there be without men. And I don’t want to imagine it.

    LOL! Organs of Oppression ????

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