Russia, Ukraine, and the New World Order

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Originally posted 2022-03-08 15:26:04.

Well, now we have it. After twelve days of assault on Ukraine (it’s hardly a war) the Russians have stated their demands – and they are exactly as we expected and have suggested before.

They want the Crimea to be permanently ceded to Russia, the Russian-speaking eastern republics of Donetsk and Luhansk to be independent, recognised by Ukraine and the rewriting of the Ukrainian constitution as a neutral state which could never, thereby, join NATO. That, basically, is it.

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Let’s look at those one-by-one. The Crimean demand is a rubber-stamp. The region has de facto been occupied by Russia for eight years and they are going nowhere. The second, the independence of the breakaway republics, is a fait accompli; Russia has recognised them and pledged to defend them, should the Ukrainian government attempt to take them back. Again, this is a rubber-stamp, simply making legal what main force has already established.

The important one is the third: that Ukraine become a neutral nation in perpetuity and therefore could not join NATO. Understanding that requires some subtlety.


For a moment, imagine how the USA would react were Russia to place intermediate-range nuclear weapons in, say Venezuela. Well, actually, we don’t need to imagine, we can just refer to history. In 1962 the then President, Democrat John F Kennedy, risked global nuclear war when the USSR placed nuclear missiles on Cuba, despite the fact that the USA had already placed nuclear weapons in Turkey. Double standard much? We know how the USA would react – as it always does, with violence.

In fact, ever since the end of World War Two, the US establishment has been the real global warmonger. In repeated attempts to divert attention from its establishment’s grotesque failures at home, it has spread death, destruction and calumny across the globe.

The USA simply refuses to accept that the rest of the world does not want its version of society and in these last few years we have begun to see why – the USA is a rotting corpse. The issues surrounding the War of 1860 were never resolved and they have once again come back to pollute the planet, in ‘wokeism’ and ‘Critical Race Theory’ – for which read ‘anti-white racism’.

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USican ‘democracy’


Nobody wants Usican ‘democracy’ because everybody else realises that all the USA really wants is to be able to exploit other nations and peoples. It wants to be free to suck their wealth out and ‘redistribute’ it to Usican oligarchs, through their vast companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook, to name but three. And, as it never hesitates to show, it is prepared to destroy entire nations to the end of enslaving their peoples to its world order.

‘We bring you the dream of democracy (Usican-style)’ its envoys and media tell us – conveniently omitting the corollary that always comes with Usican largesse –.’but if you refuse you may have the nightmare of Armageddon instead. Our weapons industry, rather than our technical ones, will profit, but it’s all the same to us.’ You ask anyone in Iraq or Libya what they think of Usican ‘democracy’.

For decades now, the USA has used its proxies, controlled and funded by the CIA, to foment civil unrest in any country that dared to recognise Usica for what it is – the global enemy, not the global ally. The CIA was behind the putsch that saw Zelensky put in power and CIA money has been behind the persecution of Russian-speaking ethnic minorities in Ukraine ever since. They knew all along that there would come a day when Putin would resist but in their insufferable entitlement believed that he would fail. I’m not so sure about that.

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So to the point: Crimea has long gone, forget closing that stable door. The breakaway republics are now independent, protected by Russia, only one tenth of whose army has been deployed to give Ukraine a drubbing it will not forget. In the fullness of time, perhaps a year or so, those republics will apply for membership of the Russian Federation, a request which will also be rubber-stamped.

The issue that remains important for Russia is Ukrainian membership of NATO, something that the USican Establishment, now represented by a figurehead puppet in FJoe Biden, passionately desires. The question is, are we prepared to allow USica to drag us into a European warwith Russia – possibly a global conflict – because of it?

For the sake of Europe, the world, and our children, it’s time to tell Usica that it’s no longer welcome; to bugger off and take its ideas with it.

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Punishing ordinary Russians for the actions of the State of Russia

russia ordinary people

The West, or rather the Western dictators all too keen to divert attention from their crimes, has now committed yet another one. It is literally stealing the property of Russian citizens as punishment for what the state of  Russia  is doing in Ukraine.

Whether or not Russia’s action is Ukraine is justifiable or even forgivable, this does not make the dispossession of ordinary Russians acceptable. This tendency, to use the power of the State against individuals is the hallmark both of the dictator and the failed State. The dictators of the New World Order have taken this to heart and are running with it.

Do not be fooled by them. They punished you, for nothing, with no justifiable cause, for two years – indeed still are – over an imaginary pandemic that turned out to be a bad cold. And they want you to forget the evil and harm they did, by doing the same thing to some other innocent civilians and hoping you’ll be onside.

Well, don’t be. We need to be rid of these dictators, the governments they lead and the state bureaucracies that enable them. The whole lot needs to be extirpated, root and branch.


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Don’t forget, once they’ve crucified the Russians, it will be someone else’s turn. Vietnamese, Serbs, Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, have all felt the appalling cruelty of the West, just in the last half century; Russia’s crimes are as nothing in comparison.


When they’ve destroyed Russia, nailed its people to metaphorical poles all over the world, crashed its economy and ruined it, who will they turn on next? Will it be you again, under the pretext of a new, utterly bogus ‘global emergency’? It might not be a fake pandemic or the worn out tropes of greenism and ‘net zero’, it might be something else and if all else fails, they always have the back-up of nuclear war. You don’t think they’d sacrifice you and yours in order to keep power? How naïve. What’s a few hundred million casualties to the New World Order?

But wait a bit: Russia hasi Putin and he has the air of a man not to mess with. Can you be sure you too will not need his protection against your own state bureaucracies? Or if not Putin, someone like him? A man with the balls to stand up to the globalist NWO? Well, you know…


books by rod fleming

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