Reims Bikini Attack: Suspects named

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Originally posted 2015-07-27 23:18:43.

The broader media gave the story of how a young woman was set upon by five other women for sunbathing in a bikini in a park in Reims, France, some attention today and a few new titbits have come out. (I covered this yesterday.)

According to the national newspaper  Le Monde, under the headline ‘Emotions and hasty conclusions’ the woman who was attacked is Angélique Slosse. Three of her alleged attackers have been named, Inès Nouri, Zohra Karim and Hadoune Tadjouri. The other two are minors and their names have not been released. All five  are Muslim.

The newspaper says that one of the alleged attackers was slightly injured and was signed off work for three days. One of Slosse’s friends was also given hospital treatment for injuries received.

Buzzfeed France claims to have contacted one of the alleged attackers, who was not identified by name, but only by her age, 19. She confirmed that she and her friends were Muslims, but that she ‘was tolerant’. According to her, she had, on seeing the victim dressed in shorts and a bikini top, said that she ‘wouldn’t dare dress like that’, to which she claims Slosse retorted ‘If I had a body like yours, I wouldn’t either.’

Buzzfeed’s contact then went on to say that she ‘approached (Slosse) to slap her, when she started fighting with my friend.’ The person, according to her lights, then tried to break up the fight before bystanders and a policeman intervened.

Certainly, this was petty. Probably, there was over-reaction. But one must ask, is it okay for a young woman, minding her own business, sunbathing in a bikini and shorts, to be harassed by passers-by and then when she retorts — and let’s face it, her response was funny — to be physically attacked by five people?

Furthermore, the alleged attacker’s suggestion that she was not being

Gratuitous picture of a girl in a bikini. It might offend some Muslims. One lives in hope

aggressive is clearly false: her remarks were made loud enough for Slosse to hear them and respond. Her statement is also at odds with earlier reports, confirmed in l’Express by  Commissar Julie Galisson, which claimed she had told Slosse to ‘Go home and dress, it’s not summer.’ Then, she clearly states that her intention was to physically attack Slosse, ‘to slap her’.

If you’ve observed as many Sheriff Courts as I have — the joys of being a photographer — then you know how to interpret statements like these: play down the culpability and make like innocent. But there is no denial that the attackers first harassed Slosse and then assaulted her. The only question is whether the motivation religious and again, it’s hard to see how it could have been otherwise.


There have been numerous incidents where Muslims in France have caused problems already because they think that French customs are unacceptable to their religion. Butchers have been threatened for cooking sausages on Fridays and shops have been forced to close. Restaurant chains have been coerced into taking pork off their menus and supermarkets into stocking ‘halal’ meats; anyone familiar with the obscene cruelty involved in the slaughter of animals to produce this, should find that offensive. I know I do.

The authorities and the Media are terrified that a reaction might occur. It’s been a hot summer, always good for riots, and there is a lot of anger in France just now, at Hollande, at the austerity measures forced on the country by Germany and by high unemployment, a low Euro and falling house prices. The Establishment does not want the extreme right of the Front National to profit from more stories of Muslim misbehaviour and intimidation, and one may sympathise.

It’s all very well to try to play down a problem to stop it developing. The trouble is, it looks as if it might be too late for that.

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  1. Hi Rod,

    I found your blog because I was studying related issues a few years ago and found your takes more accurate than a lot of what’s taught at school. This is somewhat unrelated, though is about ostracism. As someone who is considering dating a Vietnamese girl who is into him, not a transgender woman, but yourself are a white man dating an Asian woman too, I was wondering what you thought about some stuff I’ve seen online. I found a subreddit, r/hapas? About mixed relationships and it seems to be a lot of toxic stuff on there, demonising ‘traitor’ east Asian women who date white men, calling white men who date east Asian women white nationalists and racists and all kinds of weird things, whist also fetishizing white women. Which is ironic since many of these guys are Asian men who hate white people, but then chase after white women themselves it seems to me? Doing the exact thing they claim WMAF couples do?

    I don’t know, I don’t want to enter into a relationship if I just cause the other person problems, what would her friends and family think?

    Its crazy when I think about this obsession some people have with white people, not only did not all white people colonise, but really, we are a sub-race of Caucasoids, closely related to middle easterners, Arabs, Indians, from biological perspective. Maybe its my speciality that’s too grounded away from societal stuff but I always found this American obsession with it confusing. I’m probably too distant from American politics to understand the fixation with White men.

    Obviously in places like Japan and Korea mixed couples can be more frowned on, since those are mostly mono-ethnic societies, which these American guys don’t even consider I think, but I don’t know what reactions in the UK and the west will be like.

    And I’m Armenian and Greek, so I don’t know how different that makes it but regardless I have pale skin and look ‘white’. By the American definition I imagine I am.

    Anyway, thank you for your blog, I just guess I’m seeking advice because this whole climate is making me anxious. Honestly ten years ago we were so much closer to a post-racial society than we are now. It’s a shame, in my view, a lot of money has been made from division.

    1. Hi Alex. This is really a function of US culture, not so much Asian. I said in 2015 that the US had a toxic, diseased culture and that the root cause of this was that the problem of slavery, which provoked a war that killed more US Americans than any other, was never properly addressed. After WW2 and the defeat of Germany, what did the USA do? It invoked the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe. The allies did many other things together to try to heal the wounds of a horrific war. What did the US government do after it won the war of 1860? It disenfranchised all the white people of the south. Carpet-baggers flooded in to buy property for cents on the dollar. Nothing was given, nothing, no thought even, to rebuilding a devastated south. Now you might argue that the North had a legitimate grievance but that means nothing, because the people who got the blame for the catastrophe were the blacks, the former slaves. They became pariahs, hated even more than they had been as slaves. That was what led to Jim Crow and Segregation in te South. In the meantime, in the North, whites resented the influx of freed black slaves. How could it be otherwise? Families who had lost fathers husbands and sons looked at these people and said ‘It was for you that our loved ones died.’

      This led to a sense of separation by colour of skin; racism. Racism might actually be a uniquely US American concept. Nobody else had any understanding of it. In Britain, there simply were no blacks, well a few hundred at most, before 1950. There were no Pakistanis, Sikhs, Indians or Chinese. You simply cannot be racist towards someone who is not present in you culture. Yes, you might have false preconceptions but that is not racism. But in the USA racism was real and visceral; it was promoted by seething and ongoing anger at the Civil War. Even now it has not been fixed and if you ask me it’s going to get a lot worse.

      The other issue that confronts Asians is ‘face’. Asian men definitely see Asian women going with white men as causing them loss of face. That is a big issue. Add to this the well-known prejudice against darker skin tones expressed by Asians themselves and the fact that this alone makes white men attractive to Asian women is an insurmountable problem. But there’s more. Asian men are notorious philanderers and often have alcohol issues. Philandering is a badge of masculinity in these cultures. White men seem to get a pass on these, although I don’t know why.

      Finally, this: a white man just has to be financially stable; an Asian man has to be much more wealthy to attain the same level of attractiveness. That causes resentment amongst Asian men because they know their financial worth. They tend to measure status in terms of that, so that when they see an Asian woman dating a white man less wealthy than they are, they’re completely mystified. They can’t see why she would do that and assume it’s because the woman hates Asian men — which is not often the case.

      There are many attributes of white men that Asian women like, but that’s not to say they hate Asian men. I presently have a full beard and I have been fascinated how many women have asked to touch it; and my girlfriend, who originally made me shave ot off because she didn’t like the look, now loves it and runs her fingers through it as she falls asleep. Again, that irritates Asian men because they really can’t grow thick beards!

      The other issue alluded to in the article is that race consciousness, which really doesn’t exist here in Asia, does in the USA, again because of the disastrous aftermath of the Civil War. Blacks have developed a victim mentality and use that to bind their communities together, against the whitey. This is especially clear in poor blacks. Unfortunately, in middle-class Asians, the same mentality has taken root. Somehow another they are ‘oppressed’ and of course, whitey stealing their women, well what is that, if not oppression, if you have persuaded yourself you’re a victim already?

      I always tell men who come to Asia to find brides that the one thing they should not do is take them back to wherever the man came from. They will immediately be set upon by women who are determined to wreck their relationships in the name of ‘feminism’ — because they will never forgive the man for stepping outside the pool of available women that the gynocracy allows. Many such relationships collapse. It is not that the girl ‘just wanted a green card’ but that she becomes overwhelmed by an assault that nobody could have prepared her for.

      1. Hi Rod, thanks for your reply, what you explain regarding the specifics of US history makes a lot of sense. I’ve also seen black women complain about black men dating others online, maybe it’s just that I’m overthinking things and finding a minority of people. I know that light skin was associated with upper classes, it’s very present in Vietnam, and your other points about Asian and White men do make sense. I guess this whole politicised climate makes me more anxious than I’d usually be since I want to avoid either of us facing issues

        When I was younger, I bought into a lot more of the feminist thinking, but I’ve increasingly begun to see exactly what you say the gynocracy. A lot of it is just favouring women, for instance some women claim they are against older men dating younger women because its ‘predatory’ even when the two are clearly adults, since one is ‘more experienced’. but adults have different levels of experience, not everyone is in the same place at the same age. If a man hypothetically has his first girlfriend when he’s 27, she may be 18 and inexperienced too, isn’t that fairer than him dating a 30-year-old woman who’s been divorced? Their logic is just inconsistent. To me, it’s more jealousy since older women would rather have these men dating them, so that’s where the bias comes in. Especially when older men have more money. We also have more college educated career women than men now, who unfortunately refuse to date less educated or lower salary men, which complicates the whole situation for western countries. And men don’t mind dating women who earn less, which again feminists resent since they’ve been told to pursue careers above all else. Anyway, that’s just my view on some of modern feminism’s flaws and societal impacts. It’s becoming increasingly puritanical, as the religion that was once used by the old feudal state has now been replaced with socialism and social justice. Blasphemy laws are the old ‘hate speech’. And I even believe in a God, just not in any single organised religion and ideology, and when I think about it socialism/feminism/social justice is just religion without even the promise of an afterlife, just a vague notion of making society better. Some kind of future utopia on earth. I mean, it’s a pretty bad deal ha.

        When it comes to my own life I think the individual is more important than the race or anything else, it’s a shame schools don’t teach history in the more nuanced manner you described when it came to Jim Crow and things. I think Thomas Sowell has some good videos too on how a lot of modern politics misses the point when it comes to African Americans. I don’t think dating someone outside your culture who has a good personality and you get along with is somehow a worse decision than dating someone of your background who has a negative effect on you.

        ‘You simply cannot be racist towards someone who is not present in you culture.’

        Very true, and it’s why in countries that are less diverse like Japan, people say there’s less racism, in reality its very much there but there isn’t enough of immigrants for major tensions to develop. I think most of this tension is manufactured though, ten years or so ago, maybe more around 2008, I think we had almost achieved a multicultural post-racial society in western countries, USA, UK, but the race hustlers and grifters had to come in and turn everyone against each other by talking about various differences non-stop. The gender wars too. It’s a shame really, a lot of it is being used for political means.

        1. Hi Christopher

          I understand that fully. There is simply no point in trying, with Western women being as they are now. Feminists complain and ask ‘Where are all the good men?’ and the answer is, they’ve fucked them over already and they’re no longer interested. I know it’s not every single woman and that there are still decent ones, but the odds are against finding one. And it’s not just the States: I can attest that France is royally fucked these days and Britain is not worth the toss.

          My advice to young men now is to forget women. Do not explore relationships with them. Work, study, travel, start a business, have fun. Follow your dreams, not someone else’s. If you want some sex, and who doesn’t fancy a decent fuck from time to time, hire a professional. It’s far less risky, much cheaper and they know what they’re doing.

          Today, in Scotland, men are advised, if they meet a girl they like, not to even take her home for the weekend. If they decide to set up house, and are property owners, to rent out their homes, rent another property to live in and move the girl in there. Why? Because the property will become a ‘marital home’ the instant she throws her bags in the door and when she goes. she takes half of it. Unfortunately, changes in the law may make even this impractical as a defence against a gold-digger, so is it worth it at all? Better do as I said. Enjoy your life, do not give it to a woman to ruin. Harry’s entrapment by Markle should be a beacon to all men: avoid this at all costs.

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