Obama: a history of disaster

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Originally posted 2016-11-12 13:12:01.

Barack Obama has been a disastrous US President. Look at the history: Libya, turned from a functioning state into a non-state. Syria, turned from a functioning state into a non-state. All across the Islamic world, stable governments have been cast down by terrorist, Islamist insurrections, fomented by the Muslim Brotherhood and supported by Obama.

He has stirred up a hornet’s nest outside its borders but the US refuses, as always, to either accept the blame or resolve the problems it has caused. The entire Muslim world is now in flames and that is entirely the fault of  Barack Obama, assisted, lest we forget, by Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama may not be a Muslim, but he was persuaded by Muslim apologists, in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood, to fund and facilitate the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. That was nothing more than a coup by the Brotherhood against established and stable governments that had been successfully containing it for decades. Daesh (ISIS) was formed, trained and funded by the CIA as a continuing measure.

Libya was attacked and razed; Kaddafi was not doing anything other than what he had always done, but suddenly he had to be killed and his nation destroyed. Why? Because Obama was doing what the Brotherhood, represented in the USA by CAIR, wanted.

Bashir Assad is no worse than his father; so why did the US fund insurgency against the stable government of Syria, all of a sudden? Because the Brotherhood wanted it, that is why.

Across the world, the will of the Brotherhood has been done by the complicit Obama. Thank goodness his term is almost over. And there is no greater proof of what he was doing than the fact that Mamdouh Al-Muneer, a prominent Egyptian spokesman for the Brotherhood, has described Trump’s election as a ‘disaster’. Al-Muneer is member of the Islamist Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), one of the Brotherhood’s front organisations.

Anything the Brotherhood thinks is bad, is good.

Well as far as the free world — that is, the world not yet afflicted with Islam — is concerned, anything the Brotherhood considers to be bad, we should consider a triumph. At very least, the Brotherhood’s hotline to the US Presidency should be cut off. With that goes its ability to use USican military force, covertly and overtly, to destabilise nations and allow it to penetrate and corrupt governments.

The success of the Brotherhood in bending Obama to its will is measured in the catastrophe now overtaking Europe, of rape crises, terrorist attacks, the establishment of Sharia law and Islamic ‘no-go’ areas. Had Clinton been elected, this would have become many times worse; at least the Brotherhood’s advance has faltered. We may have an opportunity to strike back. We should take it.

I did not have a vote in the US election; it would have been very difficult for me to have voted for Trump. But I absolutely know I could never in a thousand years vote for Clinton, a party apparatchik with a proven history of being instrumental in genocide. She would have been the inheritor of Obama’s cosy relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, the most evil terrorist network on the planet. We can only imagine the horrors that would have been done; Bataclan was but a taste of what the Brotherhood, through its military proxies, will do if it can.

After the attack on the Bataclan nightclub. Daesh might have been the instrument, but the Muslim Brotherhood is the poison in its veins

Obama and Putin

Obama is already massing forces to militarily confront Russia. Putin is preparing a doomsday scenario which he thinks will protect sufficient of his population for Russia to survive, while destroying the capacity of the West to attack it. Had Clinton been elected, that war would have become a reality, there is nothing more sure. With Trump it is at least less likely; but why, we must ask, has Obama done this?

Because CIA-funded insurrectionists in the Levant, directed by the Muslim Brotherhood, know that Russia can and will destroy them entirely. In an almost laughable paradox, the protector of the free world turned out not to be an accommodating lawyer in Washington, but an ex-KGB hard man in Moscow.

It is to be hoped that Putin loses no time in crushing Brotherhood-led insurrections in the Levant and elsewhere, now that his way is open; or at least, only barred by a lame-duck US President.


There is no doubt at all that had Clinton been elected, the Brotherhood would have continued its corruption of the middle-east, as well as Europe.

In electing Trump and bursting the bubble of the Brotherhood’s hubris, the USican electorate has done both the middle-east and Europe a favour. We have been granted a breathing-space, even if it is only a brief four years. In that time we must organise and wrest power from the self-loathing European centre-left, which has assisted, through the actions of people like Merkel and Hollande, the Brotherhood’s programme of colonisation and conquest in Europe.

We most forge a new, socially aware, libertarian and secularist alliance. It must recognise European culture’s historic roots and the importance of our democracies. We have had to fight Islamic totalitarianism before; without its support from the US, it will be that much less hard to defeat.

But it still won’t be easy.

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