The Fall of France: Macron’s election and the Greater Germany

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Originally posted 2017-05-08 19:33:38.

Yesterday, the 7th of May 2017, will be long remembered. It is the day of the Fall of France.

This is not the first Fall of France. In 1940, German troops stormed through the Ardennes, completely surprising the French General Staff.

Nobody who has read Chester Wilmot’s ‘The Struggle for Europe’ can fail to recognise the similarities. In 1940, the French Establishment was represented by octogenarian and even nonagenarian generals. Their incompetence was complete. Counter-attacks were so badly organised that battalions engaged on different days or in the wrong place. Communications were by carrier pigeon. The French armour, superior in numbers and quality to the German, was not allowed to operate freely and instead was used as semi-mobile artillery for infantry support.

The result was that France capitulated. That was the first Fall of France. An uneasy truce was declared, in which the Germans gave the French permission to govern themselves in territory not already under a German jackboot, but it didn’t last long; in 1942 the Germans assumed complete control.

Seventy-two years later, the second Fall of France has just occurred. Instead of dottering relics from bygone wars, fought decades before, today the French establishment is represented by a dandified fop called Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron. This poodle sans couilles is now the President-elect of France.

Macron has never been elected before; this is because he has never stood for anything. He is a professional bureaucrat, an alumnus of a ‘Grande Ecole’. He is the Establishment personified.

And how did this cretin, a child who effectively married his own mother, get elected? Because the French Establishment, the same one that put its faith in a superannuated general staff, were determined, at any cost, to prevent Marine Le Pen from winning. So they stitched her up, like they tried to do with Trump last November and failed. They funded his ‘campaign’, his something-from-nothing pretendy political party, finessed the media on his behalf.

Perhaps none of this would matter, but France today is fighting a war on two fronts: one against domestic insurrection promulgated as part of the Muslim invasion of Europe, and the other against the EU, or, in plain language, Greater Germany.

Germany, of course, is led by the odious Angela Merkel, a former communist, a globalist and a Muslim appeaser. Her brief is to assuage the fears of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Cheap Turkish labour is essential to the German economy and, of course, Saudi Arabia must be continually sucked up to so that it doesn’t provoke an oil price crisis as it did in the 1970s.

There is no doubt that Marine Le Pen would have challenged this cosy and covert arrangement, whereby Europe is to be sacrificed in the interest of the globalist agenda. That is why she had to be stopped. That is why Macron, a woman in all but chromosomes, was elevated, a fake party purchased for him to lead, and his way smoothed to the Elysée Palace.

Macron, failing a miracle, now has seven years to destroy France. Like Petain he must be the creature of Germany, the instrument of its master-plan. In seven years, French cities will be unrecognisable, as the tide of Islamic conquest rises. France will cease to be a nation, and be simply the instrument of German domination of Europe.

In 1940, France broke its treaty with Britain and surrendered to Hitler, something that both countries had agreed not to do, without the other’s agreement. As a result of the French capitulation, Winston Churchill ordered the seizure or destruction of the French fleet. This resulted in the Royal Navy’s infamous attack on French ships at Oran. Over 1200 French seamen died.

Churchill, in a speech to Parliament, justified this because he could not be sure that the French would not hand their fleet to Hitler. The French fleet, at the time, was second only to Britain’s while Germany had none to speak of. Had Hitler taken the French ships, Britain would have surely lost the war. Parliament agreed; though repellent, Churchill’s decision to attack and destroy an ally’s ships was the only sensible course of action.


Sadly, yesterday the French showed the same spirit as they did in 1940. Rather than stand up to Germany and a totalitarian ideology that is determined to destroy Europe, they opted to capitulate. To surrender.

In electing Macron, the poodle sans couilles, the French electorate gave Angela Merkel the the keys to Europe and made a Greater Germany inevitable, while at the same time sending a clear signal to Islamic terrorists everywhere that France is ready to be raped by them.

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