Debunking Postmodernism: exposing the lie

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Originally posted 2017-07-10 16:26:23.

Postmodernism is an intellectual disease that strikes that the very heart of Western democracy. It was founded by the cynical French intellectual Jacques Derrida, an old-school Marxist who realised that, in the era of Stalin, when he was writing, truth itself was dangerous.

This was because Stalin, and after him Mao and every significant Communist leader, had embarked on a campaign of bloodthirsty political cleansing soon after they took power. Some historians estimate that Stalin and Mao killed at least 125 million between them, but this is  conservative. Martin Malia puts Stalin’s personal body count as high as 100 million.

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These figures do not include deaths brought about by privations caused by hardship — the direct result of living under this wholly unnatural system. Nor do they include consequential death, for example amongst the so-called ‘boat people’ of Vietnam, who were forced to take to the sea to escape the Communist regime there. If we add these in, the numbers are likely to be approach or exceed 200 million.


Hitler — usually considered the Beast of the 20th century — probably killed around 17 million. The Communist atrocities surpassed his by at least an order of magnitude.

Marxist apologists like Derrida attempted to divert attention from the increasingly well-known reality of Communist killing by a simple expedient: they would do away with objective reality altogether. If this were done, then truth would have no meaning and so the savagery of the Communists, measured in mountains of dead bodies, could not be used to counter Marxist arguments. It was all to be a matter of perspective, and obviously, those Communists who were doing the killing could not be ‘real’ Communists.

A measure of their success in this blatant manipulation is that today, in online exchange, one is attacked for saying that Marx had responsibility for all these deaths. This despite the facts that without Marx there would have been no Communism, or that his injunction to erase the ‘bourgeoisie’ is clearly stated in the Communist Manifesto, one of the most evil documents in history. To add insult to injury, those who seek to absolve Marx of his crime, by dint of being dead, are the very same ones who insist that white people today owe something to the black people whose ancestors we freed six generations ago.

Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism

Postmodernism has been used as a foundation for a new and, in many ways, even more pernicious threat, Cultural Marxism, which sweeps away the old concern about economic status — which had the advantage of being real — and basing it instead on a phony concept of ‘Identity Politics’, which I discuss HERE.

I have been making YouTube videos explaining how Postmodernism actually does not work in the area that Derrida and his fellow-travellers proposed it, criticism. So here they are.


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  1. Roger Scruton would appear to agree with you, so you are in excellent company. One simple example: “The nihilistic art of our time is delivered to the British people as a rebuke, which they are to accept in all humility, and in a spirit of apology for having wanted something “higher.” There is nothing higher — that is the lesson to be gleaned from Young British Art, and from the heaps of nonsensical garbage that it has delivered to our museums and galleries. We can understand the human condition, it tells us, only if we adopt a posture of rudeness and confrontation, and if we let those tongues stick out.” downloaded at

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