Bastille Day!

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Originally posted 2013-07-17 22:54:14.

The parade Pic: Rod Fleming

This Bastille Day was celebrated with the usual style in our village. I have photographs of this going back twenty years now, and it’s amazing to see how people have aged. Children who used to run around the square or sit on the banc outside our house have children of their own now. It’s always the same band, who come from the next town.  And it’s always the same tunes…The gentleman below is the band leader, and durng the less formal parts of the programme he wanders about entertaining the masses

A traditional vin d’honneur was served Pic: Rod Fleming
Village kids put on a spectacle Pic: Rod Fleming

The children from the local school always put on a little show for Bastille Day.  In years gone by this too was much bigger, but rural depopulation is biting in la France profonde, unhappily. Still they do their best.

Village kids put on a spectacle Pic: Rod Fleming
The crowd gets smaller every year but they still enjoyed it Pic: Rod Fleming
Bastille Day crowd2-photo
More of the crowd Pic: Rod Fleming
Bastille Day combattants-photo
Bastille Day: Les anciens combattants Pic: Rod Fleming
Bastille-Day Flowers-photo
TheMayor, Christian Poulot, lays flowers during the Ceremony of Remembrance Pic Rod Fleming

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