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Originally posted 2021-02-23 17:43:03.

I’ve just refreshed my page that contains free downloads of all the major texts of Islam. For reasons that remain unclear, this page suffers frequent attacks. It’s almost as if Muslims don’t want people to read their texts…silly idea, no?

Actually, no. Islam does not want you to read the texts. Muslims go to great lengths to prevent you and condemn any version of the texts not written in Arabic. This, they say, is because ‘Allah’ speaks Arabic and so any translation of his words is blasphemous. However, a suspicious person, not me, of course, might argue that it sounds very much as if they don’t want we kuffars to read the texts at all. I wonder why that might be, if it were the case?

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The whole point of Islam is to make the world Arabic. To become a ‘real’ Muslim, the ability to at least read in Arabic is a requirement. This is not idle. Islam is the quintessential imperialist manifesto. Just as English serves, today, to disseminate US American ideas — amongst which are some even worse than anything Uncle Mo dreamed up — throughout the world, Arabic is used to the same ends.

Language is the principal vehicle for cultural imperialism, no matter who is perpetrating it. Therefore, if one wishes to make the world Arabic, one must begin by insisting that to read the manifesto — and the Islamic texts are a blueprint for global domination — one must first learn Arabic.

This page aims to correct that. By making the Islamic texts available in English, I hope people will read them and begin to understand the full horror of Islam.



When Muslims talk about law they mean one thing: Sharia. This is the set of laws that governs everything a Muslim does from how he prays to how he washes his bottom. Islam has little to say about women, except that they are inferior and should be kept out of sight.

Sharia is drawn from the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira, as well as later scholarship. Under normal circumstances, a Muslim is expected to ask his Imam for guidance as to the Law. But what if there is no Imam handy? Well, Islam thought of that and so there is 1200-page (!) guide to the Law called ‘The Reliance of the Traveller’ or, we might say, ‘The Traveller’s Handbook of Sharia’, to be referred to when there is no Imam available.

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We must always bear in mind that Western dupes like David Cameron, Britain’s former Prime Minister, are dangerously ignorant, when they say ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Perhaps they do that because they have been told that ‘Islam’ means ‘peace’. It doesn’t. It means ‘submission’. In the broadest sense, peace comes from submission to Allah’s will, as interpreted by Mohammed. This, obviously, resolves conflict; but it is completely unacceptable in a free society, where the exchange of ideas is respected. Freedom of speech and ideas are not priorities in Islam.

It also means that any resistance is unacceptable, to Islam. A variety of solutions to what we might call the ‘kuffar problem’ (ie you and me) exist, from making them pay protection money (jizya) through wearing badges and items of clothing to indicate kuffar status — rather as the Nazi, and others, did to the Jews — right up to putting them to death, if they refuse to comply.

Reading all the texts is depressing in the extreme and the only one that really matters is The Reliance of the Traveller, for its recommendations have the force of law.

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