Robert Briffault and the Soviet Union of Sex


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Discovering the Soviet Union of Sex

For a male and female to live continuously together is biologically speaking, an extremely unnatural condition. Robert Briffault

robert briffault
Robert Briffault

Robert Briffault (1876-1948) was a French surgeon who moved to Britain. His interest spread to anthropology and he later became a successful novelist. He was a polymath, a raconteur and a wit. He described the condition we live in, the Soviet Union of Sex, perfectly.

Below is Briffault’s Law, which is one of the most important pieces of social anthropology you’ve never heard of.

‘Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.’


By ‘association’, Briffault specifically meant a sexual encounter. His Law has an effect every time a man and a woman have sex as well as in the broader context of ongoing relationships. The consequences of this affect everyone and lay the foundations of the Soviet Union of Sex.


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