Why French Men Watch the News

Originally posted 2013-06-27 23:51:25.

Ever wonder why French men watch the news? I did a piece a while ago about ‘Why Americans Go To Church’ which was stimulated by some or another piece of typical septic-tank arrogance but was really meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Kinda.


Anyway this is also meant to be a bit of fun.  Did you ever wonder why it is that so many French men seem so very well versed in current affairs, news, and general what’s the buzz? It has nothing to do with the Bac de Philo or anything like that.


This is the REAL reason:

I give you

Mélissa Theuriau

And she’s just one in a long long line of stunning French newscasters. Makes the eight o’clock news worth waiting for.

Blinking Sexy

Mélissa, by the way,  demonstrates a habit that French women have of punctuating sentences with a pronounced blink of both eyes. I don’t think this has anything to do with the studio lights, nor the fact that French as a language is somewhat monotone, and exaggerated hand gestures are a bit out of place behind a newsdesk.

I think they know perfectly well that the habit is completely mesmerising and renders men incoherent. Well, that’s the idea, anyway.  One of the things you very quickly notice, as a resident in France, is that sex is on the agenda. That is not to say French women are easy or fast, they’re not. But they are very much in touch with their sexual power and use it all the time.  (Which figures, because French men, when not glued to the television ogling the newscasters, routinely demonstrate completely unreconstructed male chauvinism of a sort that hasn’t been allowed out in public in the UK  for decades. I mean the girls have to have something to control them with.)

That is the real reason why French women are so undefinably sexy, as well as strong.

Now let’s hear from the French women–why do you watch the news?

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