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True or homosexual transsexualism, which is usually known as HSTS, is the product of ‘Sexual Inversion’. In this, the individual experiences anomalies in testosterone delivery while still developing in his or her mother’s womb. In girls, too much will cause masculinisation but in boys, too little will cause feminisation. The effects may be observed in children as young as thirty months of age.

The effects of this depend on the severity of the anomaly and the point in foetal development at which it occurred. For example, in boys, the genitalia develop before the brain structures related to sexuality and gender do. So a boy can be born with normal genitalia and, potentially, a sexuality that is so feminised as to be completely female.

This may be seen soon after birth, when children will begin to display opposite-sex behaviour and play patterns. These are often called ‘Gender Non Conforming’ or GNC but this is misleading, since they are actually sex non-conforming. These may include toy preferences and role preferences in community play. This can begin to be observed as young as age two and parents should be vigilant. If persistent and consistent ‘GNC’, which I will now refer to as ‘sex non-conforming’ or SNC, is being observed in their child then there may well be an issue.

The effects of the testosterone delivery anomalies cannot be cured or repaired. While their intensity varies, they do not resolve themselves as the child approaches adolescence. In milder cases, the child may, under pressure from parents, peers and professionals,  may outwardly present sex-conforming gender traits. This is not desirable, as it will lead to problems later in life.

In the past, unfortunately, this was usually touted as a great triumph for the parents or professionals who had been trying to achieve exactly this result, that is, to suppress SNC behaviours and replace them with conforming ones. But this has always been a mistake, formed in the erroneous belief that gender is learned. It is not. It is specifically conditioned by sexuality and this is one of the parameters conditioned by in-utero hormone delivery.

Children are agreeable

Children try very hard to please the adults around them and, as a result may go along with the expressed desires of those adults, especially when they are couched in particularly hostile or menacing terms, such as ‘if you go on like this you’ll never fit in’. Even worse is parental shunning, which is simple child abuse.

This means that whatever the child is going to be, that child is going to be, even if he or she is forced to cover it up.Often, sadly, ill-informed professionals will suggest that life might be easier if the child were to become one of the ‘regular gay folks’ whom these individuals imagine are living perfectly happy, well adjusted lives. The trouble is, they’re not.

If a boy is Sexually Inverted, then he has female sexuality. That means he desires to be penetrated but much more than that; it means he wants a strong masculine man to do it — just like any other girl. Similarly, a girl with Sexual Inversion wants a beautiful, feminine young woman to love. Yet in the Anglosphere in particular, conventional ‘gay’ wisdom insists that ‘regular gay folks’ should form bonds with other ‘regular gay folks’. In other words, that highly feminised males with female sexuality should partner others just like them and vice versa for girls. This is partly the result of a complete failure to understand Sexual Inversion as well as, unfortunately, the activities of ‘gay’ political activists.

Any relationship between two male Sexual Inverts is, by definition, lesbian, when what they want to be is the female partner in a heterosexual, or at least, heterogender, relationship. This is inverted in females.

I was recently contacted by a charming individual, a masculinised female Sexual Invert, who complained bitterly that, while her parents had accepted her lesbianism, they constantly tried to make her have relationships with other ‘butch lesbians’ and could not understand why she wanted to date highly feminine, conventionally attractive straight girls. This had blighted her life, caused endless rows and made her give up her education and leave home. She sent me pictures of two of her former partners — exactly the kind of girls that a straight man would date: feminine, pretty, stylish, sexy.

The problem, of course was that my correspondent’s parents were typical ‘liberals’ while she herself, like nearly all Sexual Inverts, is conservative. These individuals do not wish to challenge social, sexual or gender norms. They are not seeking to promote the latest politically correct gender fad. They just want to fit into society, in a completely conventional manner, in the gender appropriate for their sexuality. There’s nothing ‘transgressive’ or ‘politically correct’ about it. They just want to be themselves and they will change everything about themselves so that they can be accepted as such. They have no interest in ‘changing the world’; they just want a social space in it, on their own terms.

Sexual Inverts are the same as heterosexual people except their sexuality does not match their birth sex. That’s the only difference. In other words, male Sexual Inverts are no more attracted to other such, of the same sex, than any other girl would be, so why would they date them? Same applies to females. Butch lesbians want Suzy Creamcheese, not Bob the Builder.

‘Gay’ lifestyle

Any male Sexual Invert who ends up joining the ‘gay’ lifestyle will not be happy, because their sexual targets are not available to them there. There are no genuinely masculine males in that culture; they are all either Inverts themselves, often with a paraphilia called Autoandrophilia or AAP, or pederasts. Something similar appears true of females, although there is less evidence of pederasty. There is no hope of finding an appropriate partner for a Sexual Invert in these circles. None.

Gender and sexuality are inextricably linked. It is true that ‘gay’ activists and ‘queer theorists’ deny this, but they are living a lie that they hope others will join them in. If you have male sexuality, then your gender must be masculine, since you wish to attract partners happy to be penetrated by you. If you have female sexuality, then your gender must be feminine, because you seek masculine male partners.  Feminine ‘gay’ males have female sexuality and butch lesbians have male sexuality. Rocket science, this is not.

If the sexuality-gender  link is broken, then the individual will suffer Gender Dysphoria (GD). This is simply transition desire taken to the next level of intensity. It is axiomatic that all Sexual Inverts, who remain sex-conforming, will suffer from GD. The intensity of their discomfort will depend on the precise nature of the discrepancies in testosterone delivery they received in utero — and possibly, the amount of substance abuse they indulge in to suppress it.

This is why ‘gay men’ are so angry

Have you ever wondered why ‘gay men’ are so famously ‘waspish’? Why is Owen Jones so angry all the time? What about Peter Tatchell? Why is it that the ‘happy gays’ are always the most flamboyant, effeminate ones? Because the former are desperately suppressing their natural gender and the latter are, at least partially, accepting it.

For those people whose Sexual Inversion is most powerful, then completion is necessary to avoid a life of misery and self-loathing. For boys it is worse, as, within the LGB cult,  they will be preyed on ruthlessly by pederasts whose attraction is to their youthful masculinity — and who will quickly dump them for a younger partner. No parent in their right mind should desire this for a son, when that son could complete as a beautiful daughter and find a man to love her.

This result is possible; Sexual Inverts and HSTS are a very small number of people, but the numbers of potential partners are increasing rapidly. Over the last ten years, the number of publicly visible MtF HSTS in the West has increased dramatically, but so has the number of straight men prepared to be their partners. In time and with good will, this should stabilise. If men are able to refuse the status of ‘gay’, wrongly forced upon them for their heterogender desire for trans women, then they are far more likely to openly indulge it; the same applies to women partnered with masculine lesbians. These are heterogender, conventional relationships. Nothing ‘gay’ about them.

That this drives a coach and horses through the whole Western concept of ‘gay’ and ‘queer’ identities should concern nobody; these very identities were invented less than 70 years ago, for political expediency and their time has run out.

Parents of children like this need to be pro-active.

We have read much from advocates of status quo, many of whom are little better than transphobes, exalting the wonderful life that can be found inside the gay male lifestyle. It has become a Shibboleth, a sacred cow. One must never criticise the New Gay Man.

Yet the figures do not add up. Almost no ‘gay men’ are in longstanding relationships. Those that last more than one year are exceptional and most last only weeks. Occasionally, it is true, two male Sexual Inverts will form a bond but in this case, it is probable either that one will become more noticeably masculine and the other feminine, or that they quickly stop having sex. Suicidality is high and life satisfaction low. As they age, many will themselves become pederastic predators, seeking to love the beautiful boys they once were, especially if they were themselves pedicated by an older man around puberty.

Parents need to be aware that much of what they are being told comes from a political viewpoint which insists that conventional Western homosexuality, that is, sex-conforming, is the only form. But that is a flat lie. All over the world, sex-conforming homosexuality is so exceptional as to be practically non-existent. Non-conforming forms are far more prevalent and have been, throughout history. Indeed, the forms seen mainly in the Anglophone West did not exist prior to the 1960s. This is a recent, politically correct model, that is all.

Unfortunately, it survives by luring new recruits in and to the advocates for this lifestyle, like, famously, Jim Fourratt, every male Invert who completes as a woman is meat lost to their grinder.


Parents need to be aware of several things. If you have a child who is exhibiting SNC behaviours, then there is a chance that he or she is Sexual Invert. If these behaviours are persistent, consistent and insistent, in other words, are more than a passing fad, then the likelihood of this is increased.

A Sexual Invert will always be homosexual. The question is only about how he or she appears. You cannot ‘cure’ this. It is not acquired but instead is innate.

A Sexual Invert will complete if his or her transition desire is stronger than his or her fear of the consequences of transition. Further, they will only complete if they believe they can ‘pass’, that is, be able to live, unremarked, in their desired gender.

This gives us Fleming’s Axiom: A person with Gender Dysphoria will transition if he or she feels that the benefits of doing so outweigh the disadvantages.

In addition, they tend to be extremely agreeable people who can often be easily led. This means that parents must be extremely careful in what they say. It is true that some Sexual Inverts can live in sex-conforming roles, but at the cost of a life of Gender Dysphoria. This can lead to self harm and suicide. It certainly will lead to diminished self-worth and almost certainly, to resentment.

Especially for males, Sexual Inverts have limited time. If they do not complete by around the age of twenty, they may not be able to at all, since the masculinisation being effected on their bodies by testosterone may make it impossible for them to ‘pass’. Sadly, it appears to be the end of certain commenters, including some claiming to be professionals, to ensure exactly this: that Sexual Inverts be prevented from completing until it is too late.

Gendercrit — a vicious alliance

A vicious alliance of feminists and homosexual activists has come together as the ‘gender critical’ or ‘gendercrit’ movement. These are politically motivated individuals. The feminists believe in the tired, long debunked crock that ‘gender is just a social construct’ which, of course, the existence of an innate gender destroys completely. So they are determined to suppress any such evidence and they don’t care how much damage they do. At the same time, the New Gay Man homosexual activists are desperate to acquire fresh meat.

These people will use any lie and untruth they can find to oppose completion and will savage parents who assist their children in doing so. Do not trust them.

On the other hand, parents should not be railroaded by political activists on the ‘pro-trans’ side. If your child is not Inverted, the chances of a successful transition diminish massively. Some non-homosexual individuals may transition successfully, especially if they do so in their teens, but most — and this applies equally to females — will struggle.

The reason is that the same anomalies in testosterone delivery that cause the sexual inversion and lead to Sexual Inversion, also affect other areas. Affected males are feminised across a range of parameters and females are masculinised. In other words, they naturally look like the opposite sex. Non-homosexual transition desire is not founded in Sexual Inversion at all and so the affected individuals do not share these qualities. They are unremarkable men, or unremarkable women and are sex-conforming on all parameters. Transition for these individuals, except for a fortunate few, is a challenge.

Homosexuals and non-homosexuals are different.

For Sexual Inverts, however, completion is the natural and most reasonable thing to do. Parents must not push the ‘gay lifestyle’ on their children, even if they are called ‘homophobic’ for not doing so. After all, how is homophobia worse than transphobia?

For the parents of non-homosexual young people the situation is much more complicated.

In the end, the young person alone must decide what is best for him or her. It is a parent’s job to listen, to protect and to assist. It is not a parent’s job to decide, but to support.

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