Adam dreamt of sex, Eve of power

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Originally posted 2017-08-18 21:56:41.

Women always think in terms of power. When they decorate a home they are showing their power within their space. When they outlaw masculinity and masculine behaviour, they are exercising power.

Men think in terms of targets and things rather than power. That is why a man gets irritated when his wife interferes with his prized model collection. It’s also why men ‘objectify’ women. Men objectify everything, there is no need to feel it’s special treatment.

Men, innately, seek to achieve targets and to acquire things as measures of status with which they can persuade women to give up what they want, which is sex. Women see their power over that sex as the means by which they can control the individual man they might be partnered with, but also the broader society.

Women — not men — commoditise sex.


Women make sex into a commodity  that men must first compete to have access to, and then, in the context of a pair-bond, perform at the expected level to continue to be rewarded with. Women think in terms of power and men think in terms of sex.

When women enter the workplace, they do not seek money or status, which are masculine, sex-driven objectives, whose attraction is that their possession might secure sex, but for power, a feminine one.

Women see the material rewards of career in terms of power, while men see them in terms of sexual reward. But, because women’s power comes from their control over access to their own bodies, and this is seen as inviolable, it follows that women must be rewarded more highly than men. The only force capable of harnessing men’s greater aggression, dynamism and physical strength is their own desire for sex and women exploit this.

Society, after all, exists so that individual genes can be carried forwards. This requires that, within the Home group, women must have authority. They must have power. Therefore, when they enter the workplace and turn it into an extension of Home group they must enjoy the expression of power that comes from being better rewarded than men.

So Feminism is not about equality and never has been. It is about women having power; specifically, power over men.


Fundamental power

The most fundamental power, for women, is that over their own bodies. Feminists argue that legal constraints over abortion limit that power and since it is so fundamental, they are extremely aggressive in defence of their ‘right’ to abortion. The logic is ‘how can I have power over society if I don’t have power over my body?’ Dead babies are just collateral damage to them.

Feminists reject Evolution and, indeed, through Post-modernism, all objective reality. Women who get pregnant and deliver, and then refuse to atone for the heinous crime of having babies (especially male ones) by exercising their power over men in the workplace, are shamed, by Feminists, and the men who support them vilified. Feminism is not about ‘rights’ or property. It’s about power.

Historically, power distribution between men and women has been on the basis of equivalence, not equality; that is how our species is evolved to be.


Sexist ideology

Feminism is a sexist ideology which insists that (born with) vagina, good, (born with) penis, bad. This blatantly discriminatory first premise is then bolstered, in contemporary feminism, by Post-modernist dogma. Especially in the form promoted by Michel Foucault, who is the darling of the Feminist Left today, this sees everything in terms of relative power, rather than wealth or scientific validity.

Indeed, Postmodernism rejects science and eschews reason and logic. Objective reality, in Postmodernism, has no special value. It is simply one ‘narrative’ or explanation, alongside as many others as there are viewers. Objective Reality, the constant that we all know is real and which we grow up learning the often hard-won lessons of, is replaced with subjective measures like feelings, ‘narrative’ and ‘lived experience.’

It should be immediately obvious that this would be popular with women, who already think primarily in terms of power and who place far higher value on feelings and interpersonal connections than men do. (Foucault was a submissive homosexual male; it is hard to believe, reading his work, that he did not have the ‘mind of a woman’.)


Power hierarchies

Feminism, in this form, has been expanded, through the application of Postmodernist power hierarchies and their interactions, which advocates call ‘intersectionality’, to apply to the society outside that of women. It does this by identifying ‘groups’ within society and ascribing them relative power values. The less ‘power’ a group has, the more ‘oppressed’ it is, and thus the more it is to be supported. This gives us so-called Identity Politics, in which we are all seen as simply a clone within the power group we are identified with; individuality means nothing. Status in Identity Politics is a function of the group’s ‘oppression quotient’, not of the individual within it.

Together, these pernicious ideas form ‘Cultural Marxism’.

True Marxist cult ideology is firmly rooted in reality. It is a materialist religion, effectively, promising a Heaven-on-Earth Utopia to those who live by its rules. (And, usually, who help in killing or violently dispossessing those who don’t.)

However, while Marxists have often seen themselves as pro-women — voir Engels, Marx himself and Lenin — their cult ideology has never fitted comfortably with female understanding of the world. This is because women do not think in terms of material wealth, as men do, but in terms of power, both in personal and in relative terms.


Trait characteristics

We know, from trait characteristic studies, that women are more socially-focussed and collectivist than men, and less inclined to be object-oriented, or materialistic. Men are inclined to be competitive and individualistic, and to be target-oriented. So men are concerned about the acquisition of wealth, and the gaining of status through that, while women are concerned about the maintenance of power and the acquisition of status through social role. On these and a host of other measures, men and women are simply different.

One consequence of these differences is that women do not find the materialistic basis of Marxism attractive, because they do not value material possessions so highly. They do value security, group status and social connectivity.

However, if we strip out the materialist base of Marxism and replace it with a Foucauldian Postmodernist construct of power, then it begins to fit better with women’s thinking patterns. This is why Cultural Marxism has become so influential: whereas materialist Marxism is severely masculine, Cultural Marxism is feminine.


Marxism, real and Cultural

In the 19th century, when Marxism appeared, women had little power in the broader society, so the advocates of Marxism were materially-thinking men. Now that women do have that power, they have largely jettisoned the materialistic form of Marxism and replaced it with the Cultural form, which is driven by ideas like power and social connectivity. These are inherently more appealing to women.

This revision of Marx’ materialistic cult ideology into a non-materialist one based on power hierarchies and social groups is why, now, the poorest white men are still the ‘oppressors’ to Cultural Marxists, when they certainly would not be to a real Marxist. The former places the power value it sees as inherent to group identity above the economic measure that a real Marxist must use. Thus a destitute, jobless white man is an ‘oppressor’, while a rich black Hollywood actress is ‘oppressed’.

These logical inconsistencies have become a problem as women have colonised the wider social space and, as ever, seek to radically change its social conventions to suit themselves. Remember, women think in terms of power and they use power over sex as the weapon through which to achieve control of society. Men think in terms of sex and so, confronted by an organised framework in which women’s power of access to sex is absolute, men submit to women in order to get sex.


women-powerHowever, even men have limits and the increasing pressure on them, the insistence that all masculinity must be suppressed, will reach a point at which everything falls apart. Then, civil war is likely. We have plenty of evidence, from archaeology. that this has happened before. Examples include the destruction of a feminised Minoan culture in Ancient Crete by a strongly masculine Mycenaean one, in a bloody war that lasted a century.

(It is arguable that periodic warfare is required to re-establish the balance between the sexes in societies, and if so, what we are seeing in the USA today does not bode well. In any armed conflict between masculine men on one side and masculine females and emasculated men on the other, the men will definitely prevail.)

Civil war would be catastrophic, but not unthinkable; it happens all the time. There is no question that we are veering now towards the brink and the pressure is coming entirely from Feminists, who are the motivators behind all the expressions of Cultural Marxism, from the odious ‘Black Lives Matter’ terror organisation to the largely white and hilariously misnamed ‘Antifa’.


Sex and Power

Until we recognise the simple truth that men and women think differently, one in terms of sex and target oriented, and the other in terms of power and socially oriented, we will not resolve the crisis we now face. Yet Feminists are absolutely determined that this simple truth never be acknowledged — as the recent furore at Google should make abundantly clear.

Why are they so determined? Because, as soon as one innate difference between men and women is established, the entire strategy behind feminist thinking, that women are just the same as men and it is only because men are evil that there are any problems at all, will collapse.

Of course, the glaring logical inconsistency is one that should make us laugh: if women and men are exactly the same in every way, why would women be any better at running society than men are?


7 Replies to “Adam dreamt of sex, Eve of power”

  1. Great post Rod.

    Also if gender and increasingly sex is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT and not biologically determined then WHY do only women get pregnant, by their own logic men should get pregnant…. notice all the Op Eds about Pregnant men. Dig a little deeper you realize it’s a woman taking male hormones – the modern left is Pathetic. I sometimes wish God would just drop an asteroid on us or send a few nukes across the world and the squeeling bitches would scream for the patriarchy again, so fast they would not know what got them…..

    1. Thanks Rick,

      I’m beginning to wonder if war might not be social requirement in order to redress the balance of society. The situation now is becoming intolerable and it really is a question of how much longer men are going to take the feminist BS. (If they’re not getting sex, there is absolutely no need to; that is the only reason men do put up with it in the first place.)

      Thanks again for your support

      1. Thanks Rod… The feminist filth is spreading like a cancer throughout the world. Even in Muslim countries and Poorer SSA/Asians countries EMPOWER WOMEN IS WHAT I ALWAYS HEAR ABOUT!!

        In fact MOST (at least 50%) of Western or Westernized women are no longer marriage material…. Jeez if men could sort out artificial wombs more would go for Trans Women or Asian Ladyboys or even Feminine Men (I kid you not).

        The problem is in the west (Trans Women) are more masculine than regular women, but Trans Women in Asia Ooze Femininity** – Because imagine to be feminine you must act like a fucking women (no brainer hmm, but lefties have no brains all emotions and feelings).

        Many Genetic women in the West act like I am a “Strong Independent Women” but could not change a tire/build anything to save her fucking life….. I once helped a “Strong Independent Women” and helped her change her tire (she was struggling like fuck) and gave her a jump start (the cow left her lights on), she was so uppity and clueless, I made a vow unless she has kids in the car I don’t bother showing chivalry towards most women outside my family/close friends! Its just not worth it! They are ungrateful bitches. I’ve said it once I will say it again allowing women to vote AND I EXTEND IT TO “Soft/Femme Men” to Vote as well = Cultural and Civilization decline. Stay in the home and kitchen and feminine roles/jobs (eg – nursing/teaching/admin assistant etc..).

        **The problem with Trans women in the West is MOST are AGP and Ooze a degree of Manliness (let me fuck you with my 8 Inch thick dick) and you can feel my muscle my dear …. Many Western Trans Women have the “Strong Independent Women” feel about them, as there are no strong FEMININE Role models in their lives even I noticed True Trans/HSTS in the west are somewhat masculine!

        I did notice however in the US Latinas /Asians with Immigrant Moms tended to be very feminine (strong feminine role model!). In fact my best Trans relationship was with with a Latina/Asian mix who had a immigrant mom, the relationship was awesome, if we could have genetic kids I would have stayed with her…. There is just something Rod when you are with a Genetic/Trans Women for a few years you have just go to have kids/off-spring (thats the general rule). I do know a few American men that did marry HSTS or AGP “Lights”** that were from an Immigrant background they all have kids now, but the guys told me it was a complicated process as they wanted the child to be genetically linked to both of them! I am assuming the Trans Women got eggs from her sister and it got fertilized by the guy and carried by a third party, or the Trans Woman fertilized the guys sister eggs + all the legal issues around that! Imagine (and men will get there) Artificial Wombs were created and we could turn Sperm Cells into Eggs, hey presto women are redundant, men are awesome like that. I guarantee the feminists will FORCE “Cuck Men” to BAN those types of technologies!

        As much as I love my Rural American Traditional/Christian wife. I have to say there is something about Feminine Ladyboys/Trans Women that just beats real women. I think its that they were once “men” and they understand men more than real women (women do not understand men – Men are from Mars and Women from Venus as they say)! When I was in a LTR with my US Asian/Latina trans-partner I noticed compared to my Female Wife, my Trans-Partner hardly ever nagged at me and constantly liked to satisfy me sexually/culinary and emotionally, even after 3-4 years!

        **Finally just wanted to clarify “AGP Lights” as I know several that are in LTR/Marriage, including my second cousin I would consider as an AGP Light. For sure I agree with you on the Blanchard Theory of HSTS and AGP trans. However I think there “MAYBE” a 3rd Option midway between HSTS and AGP. I call them “AGP Light” and they tend to like men as a general rule. I see this more in the West that South-East Asia (I maybe wrong though).

        So what are they – They are generally feminine and passable and their facial features/voice appears to be feminine they transition in their 20s or by 30 AND they have the perfect C or D Cup/26/36 Figure and they act very passable and feminine/soft/femme roles, BUT they are taller and larger than HSTS and even after years of hormones are still quite muscular/toned/strong and can get a hard one easily! I can remember you mentioned in your posts that most HSTS are below 5ft 6 Inches and small/slender (something like that) and most AGPs are + 5ft 10 Inches and larger… Well I guess there could be a twilight zone (I think).

        Regarding my 2nd Cousin well She has all the characteristics above, and very femme/fem roles- she loves cooking, homemaking, kids, wife duties etc…/passable/certainly outwardly soft and is in marriage to a good guy with 3 kids (of their own!). BUT when she got into a Swimsuit at a BBQ pool party with a few of her Trans friends at her place once I was like OMFG! Those are some toned muscles hun! and you could see despite her “tuck/attempted tuck” her package was quite large…

        …So she opened up to me once and mentioned despite several years of hormones she could not get rid of her muscles (I know several such Trans women, and they transition earlyish) so in their 20’s and she complained her penis hardly shrunk + she gets easily hard she mentioned…. The inquisitive bugger I am :o) I could not help but ask her who is more dominant in the relationship. She said Generally her Husband is the Dom but in the bedroom they are versatile (its like WTF), is her husband AGP/Sissy or Gay… Her husband outwardly seems fairly masculine but she told me he enjoys her sometime being top! The weird thing is she even breast fed her kids and is a great mom! I am confused on this one and the several relationships I know like hers! I know my cousin met her partner over 10 years ago when she was Early in her Transition (so when she was more a Femboy)… Now a part from her package she looks/acts/feels fully woman!

        1. Hi again Rick
          Please don’t panic if your comments disappear. They’re getting caught by my very basic anti-spam filtering, which does not have a whitelist function. BUT they are only held and I will approve them as soon as I can. Usually within the day. I get a lot of spam and it can be a timesuck so I need to partially automate the blocking. Most of the ones caught are actually spam but sometimes it gets a false positive.

          Anyway, regarding the Grey Area. Yes I know exactly what you mean and it is confusing. There is a population of TS that it’s very difficult to identify with any certainty. I’ve never met a Westerner like that, but I certainly know many Asian TS like it. Most HSTS, in my experience, do show AGP behaviours — I think I mentioned sometime what happens if you fuck one in front of a mirror! Yowzah! And then she wants it that way every day! Ahahaahaha. So I share your thoughts. Dr B was certainly right abut the classic Western AGP and HSTS profiles but remember, his primary research only covered transsexuals who were seeking GRS.

          Yes, in Asia, any TS you meet under 5’2″ is pretty much certain to be HSTS and certainly nearly all over 5’9″ are AGP. But there is a funny area in between wherein, like I say, this can be very hard to establish, even with a lot of asking.

          What we are talking about are technically ‘gynandromorphs’ or GAMs, which Blanchard describes as having ‘partial autogynephilia’ (there’s a paper on the Links page). They want to look, act and dress like women but they hanging on to the meat and 2 veg.

          You and I know a lot of girls like this and that description…hmmm. I certainly know girls like this who swear blind they have been hot for men since the age of 6 and this is backed up by their friends, who knew them in childhood. That would class them as HSTS; but then you watch their eyes light up like torch bulbs if you say ‘Let’s go and buy you a dildo.’

          And I know girls in the same grey area who I would have put down as pseudo-bisexual AGP and then see the look on their faces when they see my cock…oh that is really serious lust right there, she ain’t kidding, no way. That is awe ahahahaaha.

          So. Is there a grey area where some HSTS also display partial autogynephilia? Or are these homosexual AGPs? I’m inclined to think the former. Indeed there is a part of me that says that the difference between a fem gay boy and an HSTS is the latter’s attraction to the image of herself as a woman — which is textbook autogynephilia!

          (One thing I love about transpinays is that you can actually have a serious convo like this with them; with 95% of Thais it’s pretty hard. And just forget it with Khmers/Laotians haha not a chance. I mean they would, but they are so rarely educated to a standard that affords them adequate English — I mean it’s not quite restricted to ‘suckysucky fuckyfucky boomboom longtime’ but you know what I mean.)

          It’s complicated, and this is one of the lovely things about TS. You never get bored!

          1. Thanks again Rod..

            *hanging on to the meat and 2 veg.* – LOL – LMFAO! Yes I think my 2nd Cousin like her Carrot and 2 Broccoli!