Parler is back! With new hosting and CEO.

Originally posted 2021-02-16 12:27:10.

Parler, a free speech social medium that had its hosting withdrawn last month, is back. It has new hosting, SkySilk, which is in the USA but is committed to freedom of expression. It said ‘(SkySilk) advocates the right to private judgement and rejects the role of being judge, jury and executioner…(we) will support Parler in their efforts to be a nonpartisan public square. ‘ Anyone familiar with the way Twitter in particular censors all comment except the extreme Left’s will surely applaud this.

The company has a new CEO, whose appointment is expected to be temporary. The ousting of founder John Matze appears to have come because of a fall-out with the site’s major host and shareholder, Rebekah Mercer.

Mark Meckler, one-time co-founder of the Tea-Party Patriots, has been appointed as interim CEO. He said ‘We are committed to…our role as the premier platform for free speech, data sovereignty and civil discourse.’

Parler can be accessed online at However, at time of writing, this site was not working properly, at least from my location.

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The mobile app appears to be connecting now but I have not tested functionality. The .apk installation file can be downloaded at the link below and has to be installed manually, a very simple and quick procedure.

I was not a big user of Parler, but obviously, anyone with half a brain wants to see both Twiter and Faceboak cut down to size and failing any evidence of government restricting these companies’ ability to censor voices they disagree with politically, then we all need to support the alternatives.

In addition to Parler, alternatives to the socialist hegemony already include Gab (, the longest-established, which has had its own struggles with the extreme Left. A relative newcomer is Slug. There is also Unherd a centrist online publication which appears to focus on longer articles from known writers, but also has a healthy commenting community.

Hopefully it will not be long before a functioning blockchain-based social network that is genuinely free, unmoderated and open source discussion platform will appear, because one is desperately needed.

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