The millennialist left gave us Trump

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Originally posted 2016-11-11 15:02:52.

Jonathan Pie saying exactly what needs to be said and perfectly summing up the reasons why Tornface Trump will be the next President of the US. The millennialist ‘left’ did this. It’s all on them.

Culpability for Trump lies fair and square on the doorstep of regressive leftists and millennial SJWs who live in social-media echo chambers. All they can hear is their own voices parroting mantras pump-fed into them by Foucauldian Post-Modernists masquerading as ‘thinkers’.

They go to universities where points of view that oppose their bizarre concept of reality are suppressed, so that they don’t have to learn how to think. They ban anyone from speaking with whose ideas they disagree and live in a tiny bubble where they hear only that which they want to hear. When the truth bursts in, all they can do is suck their comfort blanket and bleat — or smash up the nursery.

USicans are the worst of this group of idiots, no surprise there. They seem to have forgotten, in their proclamation of themselves as the ‘true left’, that they live in a country whose population is LESS than 4% of the world’s — yet they think that everyone else has to go along with their knuckleheaded ideas.

They live on land that was stolen from the rightful owners — but I don’t see the USican millennialist left campaigning to give it back; what I see is a lot of hand-wringing and crocodile tears. They profit from an economy that was founded in slavery, but I see no evidence that they are attempting to close it down; I mean one must have one’s new iPhone, after all.

USican millennials blew it. They might have been able to lay the foundations of a USA that was not — justifiably — loathed by every decent person on the planet. Changed things so that ‘USA’ was not synonymous with ‘warmongering, genocidal bully’. Instead they gave the world Trump.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and my haven’t they proved that?

Don’t be so fucking stupid.

You can’t win a debate if you refuse to have them because your feelings might get hurt. Political Correctness betrayed you but worse, it betrayed all the people who need help.

My girlfriend is TS. You think I want her to have to use a men’s room? Don’t be so fucking stupid. But when the millennialist left insisted that men in suits with beards could literally be women just because they say so, they made the whole campaign a laughing-stock.

And do you think for one moment that I am going to silently tolerate the spread of the infection of Islam, when so many of my friends would be murdered by it, just for being who they are? Because wet-behind-the-ears punks, who have never even opened the damn Qu’ran or the Hadith to see how odious they are, assert that Muslims’ beliefs must be ‘protected’? Like hell.

The realm of the absurd

When millennialist regressive leftists say, as they do, that it’s all right for Muslim men to murder, beat, kill, rape, flog and torture women, as they do every day and is specifically mandated in Islam, and that this may never be challenged or even mentioned because Muslims have a protected ‘identity’, they paint ‘idiot’ in big letters on their own foreheads.

When they insist that a person can literally change their biological sex just by saying so, they mark themselves out as incapable of coherent thought. By arguing that ‘all points of view are equal’ and deserve equal merit, they show that they don’t know how to critically evaluate anything. When they say that someone’s ‘culture’ legitimises the abuse of women and children, so they have to be allowed to get on with it because all cultures are equally valid, they show us all that they have not the slightest grasp of morality. To support laws that make it illegal —  punishable by prison — to tell a  man with a beard wearing a suit that he is a man, takes them into the realm of the absurd.

These people are incapable of rational thinking. It has been leached out of them by a diet of terminally stupid Foucauldian Post-Modernism and cultural Marxism that has been drip-fed into them in the warm padded fluffy echo-chamber that they think the world is.

Objective reality exists

The trouble is, it’s not. Objective reality exists, idiots. No transwoman — ever — can be a ‘real woman’. She should be proud to be what she is — a transwoman — and she deserves all the rights and protections that the rest of us get — but she can never be a real woman.

Men who harm women and philosophical codes that support this are evil and depraved and must be rooted out — not protected, ‘because culture’. Just because ‘it’s their ‘culture’ to murder gays, murder apostates, murder women for having sex, along with an assortment of other brutality that turns a decent person’s stomach, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for them to do it.

We should not send armies into their countries to force them to stop, but we can and damn well should ensure that if they come to ours, they leave that behind at the door, or else. Further, we should be using all the other means at or disposal — trade sanctions, seizure of assets, refusal of travel privileges — to stop them doing it where they do live. That is not ‘imperialism’. That is moral probity.

‘Cultural appropriation’ DOESN’T EXIST

‘Cultural appropriation’ DOESN’T EXIST. It’s another echo-chamber falsehood. There is no right of property in a likeness. If I wear dreadlocks, I am not thereby insulting Jamaicans. If a Jamaican wears a kilt, I will not feel offended — actually I know one who does, regularly. (I might draw the line at English people, but that’s a prejudice, not a reasoned argument.)

If white people write about black people, so what? Black people are free to write about white people and do, all the time. Equality means equality; not reserved spaces. I don’t see Faisal Islam holding back in his criticism of white Christian politicians because he is not himself a white Christian.

Like Political Correctness and Identity Politics, the other utter tosh on which millennial thinking — aka New Age drivel — is based, ‘Cultural Appropriation’ is the product of echo-chambers within echo-chambers, spurious notions spawned by irrelevant academics in institutions that will tell you any old bollocks you want to hear, as long as they can get your fees.


Millennialist left thought police

Well I guess the millennialist left will have to do something other than thinking up new ways to police other people’s lives now. Good.

Millennials are not going to be changing anything. That is because they don’t have the intellectual tools, after firing all the teachers who were challenging them, or silencing them in the name of ‘safe spaces’. These are nothing but pink, perfumed echo-chambers, where  special snowflakes could go on grooming their little fairy wings — instead of learning to think.

They substituted ‘no-platforming’ for rational debate and ‘narratives’ for observation of facts and reasoned explanations. They hate science and will have nothing to do with it; instead they live in a world informed by mumbo-jumbo and touchy-feely woo.

I used to think I was a leftie

I used to consider myself a leftie. My beliefs are in equality for everyone, in redistribution of wealth through taxes, in free universal health care, in liveable pensions, in decent social security and free education available to all.
I have been barred from the left because I do not accept that a man has a right to kill, abuse and rape women because he calls himself a ‘Muslim’. Or that a man with a beard, wearing a suit and tie, can call himself a woman and use women’s safe spaces. I don’t believe that it is morally wrong for an artist to depict characters whose skin is a different colour. I don’t believe that every observation should be prefixed with ‘Speaking as a (insert whichever pre-approved “Identity” is appropriate)’ before it may be legitimised under the standards of Political Correctness that the millennialist left thinks it can force on everyone else.

I’m a traitor

The acceptance of observable reality, on my part, makes me a right-wing traitor to the cause. Rationality is anathema to the millennialist left, as it sinks into a mire of Foucauldian Post-Modernist self-loathing, of its own making.

I am barred because I categorically reject Political Correctness, Identity Politics and ‘Cultural Appropriation’. The millennialist left doesn’t want me. From its childish playrooms, its echo-chambers of arrogant ignorance — always a dangerous combination — it thought it could just say ‘this is how it will be’ and that would be that. Well, speaking as a Scotsman, I cheerfully reply, ‘Fuck you.’


And now look what happened. Seems that along with not learning how to think, and not learning how to debate, the millennialist left didn’t learn how to count.



You just wait till next year’s French Presidential elections.



2 Replies to “The millennialist left gave us Trump”

  1. I didn’t expect such article, because I’ve seen your comment under article, Autogynephilia: Sex as a woman. This one.

    ‘Regarding the ‘individuality’, well the only people in the USA whose individuality is respected are the rich white ones.’

    which is typical regressive left argument. Implicit bias, cops shooting blacks and so on. I don’t know if it was just some kind of mistake or you really meant it.

    When it comes to Trump.
    Yes, campaign was nasty. But as a president he haven’t done anything yet, because he is not in the office. In this moment we can only wait.
    I hope that he will be a good president.

    Best regards. Matej

    1. I certainly don’t see any implicit bias; just an observation which is well supported by the evidence. But thank you anyway. And I share your hopes. What is said on the campaign trail is often changed on office, and we are already seeing some of that.