May Update

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Dear Patrons

First let me thank you for your kindness and generosity in becoming Patrons. Please try to encourage your friends to do so too. I want to outline what I intend to do here on this site and to ask for your feedback. You are paying the piper, so you get to call the tune.

As regards YouTube, I will still post there on a regular and if I can daily basis, but these will be shorter videos. My analytics tell me that most videos get a maximum view of 5 or so minutes , so I’ll be reducing the running times towards that.

I will instead be posting longer format videos here and I hope you Patrons will appreciate that. As regards my site, Rod Fleming’s World,, that will be used as a secondary rather than a primary site for material. So articles may be posted elsewhere first but will eventually end up on Rod Fleming’s World. Some of those articles will appear here, others on my Substack (more details soon) and some in other media.

I will be opening a new Tier here. This will be more expensive but through it you will be able to purchase merchandise, which I am presently designing. (I am working very hard right now.)

I am also going to be re-editing and posting my older YouTube Videos here. This will not just be a case of reposting, they will be edited. Some of them were made five years ago now and I’ve learned a lot in that time.

Obviously the difficult issue of trans will remain central, but I am developing a new YT channel called Sexology Lab with a couple of others; that will go live soon. I want to greatly expand my repertoire, so a number of things will be happening. There will be more travel articles. There will be practical articles in a range of areas. Most of my political focus (which is actually how I got into this) will be on YouTube.

I’ll also use Patreon to serialise my published books and I’m open to suggestions as to which you would prefer to start with. Would you prefer to read them or for me to make audio?

Rod Fleming

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