Happy Anniversary to us!

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Originally posted 2018-12-07 09:52:48.

This is going to be short. Congratulations and happy anniversary to my lovely girlfriend, Samantha, for putting up with one year of my moods, stressed-out-ness, general confusion and chaos. Thank you. I love you very much. Here’s to many more.

2 Replies to “Happy Anniversary to us!”

  1. Hello there Roy I a new mixed race bi sexual male that is brand new to this new way to get a hold of some good transgender dating and experiences things that I’m wanting to get into really like bad..!!! My nickname is Ethie I’m just gonna try to get in touch with you friend about something that you can help me out with friend….I love it and I’m open to any ideas are suggestions on how to get Trans for me

    1. Sorry. I don’t run a dating service. In addition, as a bisexual male, your options with ladyboys will be limited. That’s not to say they don’t exist but they will be reduced. Outside of p4p, ladyboys like straight masculine men, definitely not gays or bis. You can try PinaLove or ThaiFriendly.