Gynandromorphophilia: love of transwomen

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Originally posted 2013-06-21 14:29:52.

Attraction to transwomen is called  gynandromorphophilia. But there are at least two forms, in males: autogynephilic and non-autogynephilic. To simplify, I call gynandromorphophiles ‘GAMPs’. Autogynephilic ones I call ‘AGP GAMPs’ and the others ‘non-AGP GAMPS’.

I used to think that non-AGP GAMPs were actually bisexual, but they do not always conform to the standard understanding of bisexualism. In the first place, using the Western definitions, non-AGP GAMPs are never attracted to masculinity and will avoid partners who display it. The southeast Asian definition depends on the act played in sex, and bisexuals in this case are happy both to penetrate and to be penetrated. But those GAMP men who do desire to be penetrated seem to be predominantly AGP.

As far as I know, no work has been done that might clarify this, so, until it is, I will use the definitions as above. The AGP-GAMP profile is quite clear and well understood, but there may be unanswered questions regarding the non-AGP profile. It might split into two types, although most non-AGP GAMPs appear not to desire to be penetrated.

 In the West, since the 1960s, homosexuality has been defined by attraction. Gay men  are attracted to masculine sexual features—muscular taught bodies, facial hair, prominent jaws, assertive attitude and so on. If we define homosexuality in this way, then it should be clear that being attracted to soft bouncy hair, full breasts, red lips, big eyes and so on simply cannot be seen as a homosexual attraction, for a man.

 If it were as simple as that, then that would be it. But it’s not. There are some other issues to deal with, especially where the woman  retains a penis. I’ve made a YouTube video discussing this, here.

Homosexuality as seen today

The contemporary model of gay male sexuality is essentially a socio-political construct, which was evolved in order to prevent gay men from being stigmatised, particularly gay servicemen in the US. Gays were encouraged to be as masculine as possible themselves, while being attracted to the same attributes in others. They were  encouraged to drop all of their effeminate behaviours and become macho, macho men. Thus was born the Accommodationist model of male homosexuality, as expressed in what I call the New Gay Man.

This type of gay man  looks like the men he’s attracted to. Homosexual men, under the Western, or ‘egalitarian’ model, go to great lengths to be as masculine and macho as they can in order to attract men who are themselves attracted to masculine and macho. To do this they suppress, more or less successfully, their own femininity. This, however, is at the cost of enduring Gender Dysphoria.

However, they are attracted to masculine men, not transsexuals. Underneath their faux-masculine personas, these men desire to play the feminine role to the straight male’s man. They are not in any way attracted to transwomen, as has been repeatedly shown in the literature. In fact, if they were attracted to femininity, they would not be gay at all.

Incidentally, one result of this, and other social and peer pressure, has unquestionably been that an unknown number of HomoSexual Transsexual transwomen have ended up as feminine gay men. This unfortunate situation has been exacerbated by a widespread belief amongst professionals that ‘gay is better than trans.’ But there is no evidence for this claim.


If you were paying attention you noticed above that here we are talking

Anju Thongsamay

principally about transwomen who have not undergone Genital Reconstruction Surgery. They retain their penises. These were identified by Ray Blanchard, whose work underpin our understanding of transsexualism, as gynandromorphs or GAMS.

More commonly they are known as pre-operative transwomen, sometimes as ‘shemales’ or ‘trannies’ and by a number of local names like ‘travestis’ and ‘bekis’. They are at the heart of a massive section of the porn in industry and of personal sex work; many men are attracted to them.

‘GAM’: Males in the shape of women.

Does this look like a ‘man in the form of a woman’? No, but chick with dick maybe

This means ‘males in the shape of women’; and it is a perfect description. GAMs present a combination of feminine attractors — soft skin, pretty faces, feminine mannerisms and usually, hormonally induced breasts. These are often boosted with injected silicone. But crucially, they retain a penis.

Attraction to these transwomen was called by Blanchard ‘gynandromorphophilia’ (GAMP) — lovers of males in the form of women, or, to put it in a colloquial way, ‘chicks with dicks’. But note: they are attracted to femininity along with the dick. (There is some evidence that gynandromorphophilia, unlike autogynephilia, may affect women too.)

Ray Blanchard was the first to describe GAMs– which he described as having ‘partial autogynephilia’. However we know that they can often be HSTS, so this represents something of a conflict in his terminology. Desire for GRS seems to vary from culture to culture without impacting the underlying profiles of GAMs, HSTS and Autogynephilic.

Further to Blanchard, more studies have been done by Kevin Hsu at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Hsu, Rosenthal, Miller, & Bailey 2015 (GAMP)

Autogynephilic gynandropmorphophilia

To sum up the state of present knowledge, about half the men attracted to non-GRS transwomen, of both types, are themselves autogynephilic. They are attracted to what they themselves desire to be — transwomen.

There is a proportion of these men who take this further, according to the reports of trans escorts and prostitutes. These men like to dress as women when being penetrated.

These men are clearly autogynephilic. Their dressing is a part of the transgender sexual experience that they desire.

Autogynephilic transattracted men prefer huge boobs, facial surgery and silicone hips. Indeed the visual evidence of transition appears to be an attractor for these men.

Non-autogynephilic gynandromorphophilia

The rest are more difficult but it does appear that they express some form of bisexualism. As we noted above, this does not seem to conform to the more widely used definitions of bisexualism.

Whereas bisexualism is usually seen as a serial experience, this is not the only form it can take. The fact that it is not is shown by a whole category of porn in which bisexual men have sex with both men and women, and penetrate and are penetrated in the same scene. This seems to be addressing a form of simultaneous, rather than serial, bisexualism.

Some non-autogynephilic attraction to transwomen  seems similar. Men are attracted both to the pretty face, the alluring eyes,the breasts, the soft skin and at the same time, the penis. (Men specifically attracted to post-GRS transwomen are rare.) So the stimuli are operating simultaneously but, and this is particular to trans-attraction, in the same body.

Other GAMP men express attraction to androgyny, rather than to the specifica of masculinity. These men tend not to go for massive hips and buttocks or surgically rebuilt faces. They like breasts, but cute hormonal ones are fine. They’re not saying no to implanted ones, but it’s not a deal-breaker at all.  (Having said which, nice boobs don’t hurt.)They are turned on by ‘beautiful girly-boys.’

The non-AGP GAMP’s ideal girl: pretty face, girly body, nice boobs, tiny dick

There seems little difference between these men’s attraction to transwomen and, for example, the Roman attraction to the ‘puer delicatus’, literally the ‘pretty boy’. This was often, though not always, a slave-boy who was marked for femininity. Frequently he would have been castrated and raised as a girl, in order to serve the master’s desire to penetrate a cute, androgynous male. Castration, if it occurred before puberty, would have significant consequences, such as, the preservation of the juvenile voice and the retention of child-like features, which is called ‘neoteny’. This is one of the characteristics of feminine beauty. In addition it’s possible that such boys would have developed breast tissue and, clearly, their bodies would never masculinise. The most famous puer delicatus was a boy named Sporus, who was taken as wife by the Emperor Nero.


Sporus, the Roman Emperor Nero’s boy-wife puer delicatus


Most non-AGP GAMP men are repulsed by masculinity, which is a heteronormative reaction. They are usually also repulsed by typical Western AGPs, who are way too masculine, both in appearance and manners, to attract them.

Frequently these men will admit to enjoying penetrating anally. After all, any sexual penetration of a pre-operative transwomen has to be via the anus, so for a man who desires this kind of sex, she’s a good partner.

How does non-AGP gynandromorphophilia arise?

How does this bisexual form of gynandromorphophilia come about?

No work has been done on this but, as is well known, many men grow up thinking that women have penises. This was discussed by Freud, who considered that such men might consider the removal of the penis as a punishment of some kind, and that this was what had happened to girls and women. Camille Paglia also writes about this and at least one well-known sex researcher has privately noted to me that he believed this. It was cetainly my childhood experience and I remained mystified about the biological reality of childbirth and sex until after puberty.

I was first stimulated by the idea of a girl with a penis when I was around 8 or 9. This had become something of a crush fantasy and I remember thinking about it a lot. I grew up in the 60s and then, in the UK, porn was unavailable. Instead there was Reveille magazine, which featured pictures of girls in swimsuits. My father kept a collection he didn’t think we knew about. When I looked at these pictures I saw the girls with penises under the swimsuits. This was years before I began masturbating.

One night my younger brother and I were talking about this and I drew a picture, from memory, of one of the Reveille girls, leaning tastefully against a tree. I drew her with a penis.

So how might this operate in the non-AGP GAMP male? Well, men like this — who are attracted to women — may spend many years wondering, even if subconsciouly,  why the women they are involved with, whom they may sincerely love, seem to be ‘missing something’. And the day they meet, and see naked for the first time, a transwomen with a penis … revelation dawns. Suddenly, they see a woman who matches that image that first crystallised in their childhood.

At the same time, we are all attracted to the body type we had our first sexual experiences with and, if this was a teenage girl, her body would have been girlish, rather than matronly. This ‘waif’ look is so popular amongst Art Directors that it must be widespread.

So in a transwoman, especially an HSTS transwoman, the non-AGP man finds a person who ticks all his boxes. She is androgynous, feminine, but not matronly. There will be accents in her features and body that are more reminiscent of a young girl than a mature woman. HSTS who maintain a hormone regime and who start taking hormones in their adolescence, as is usually the case outside the West, retain these features well into middle-age. And of course, they have that secret thing that other women do not have, the penis.

Although it might seem curious, men like this seem more attracted to small penises in their partners rather than large ones. As an aside,  I think this relates to the famous Classical propensity to depict men, other than when in acts of sex, with markedly undersized genitalia. Large ones repulse heterosexual, non-AGP men.

If you would like to read a fictionalised account of a man falling in love with a transwoman, try this: The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train



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