Enlightened Culture and the price we must pay

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We have absolutely no hope whatsoever of preventing the climatic catastrophe that is coming. Even were we to stabilise greenhouse gas production at today’s levels, the disaster would still happen. Were we to take them back to the levels of a hundred years ago – impossible anyway— it would still make no difference.

All that we might gain is a decade or two more time. However, we can decide whether our Enlightened Culture will survive, to help us rebuild, or be destroyed. But we must act quickly, for time is running out and we have given the enemy too much already.


The Earth’s ecology is an adaptive, evolutionary system. It is changing, in response to the damage we are doing, in such a way that human numbers are likely to be drastically reduced.

The problem is overpopulation. The coming crisis is not the result of an economic system, or of a social model, but of basic ecology: a population of animals will increase in size until it outstrips the environment’s ability to support it.

In a mixed ecology of many species, competition moderates populations. Lions eat the wildebeest, but if they eat too many, they starve. A balance exists between predator and prey numbers and this becomes a sophisticated web of inter-species dependency. But when only one species is dominant, it will increase until other, so-called ‘density-dependent’, factors bring about a reduction. This is what we are facing.

We have no natural predators. We are erasing other species in favour of our own. But the consequence of our increase is the poisoning of the atmosphere and the result is climate change.

We should look at world demographics today and ask ourselves, which group is breeding at the highest rate? Should we not take steps to limit its ability to do so? Should we not prevent it growing any more, so that it does not push us over the brink?


Capitalism is entirely neutral. It will as readily make money out of ‘green’ technologies as others. The climate problems we have today are not caused by Capitalism, but, in part, by the way we have regulated it. For decades, governments have promoted the use of fossil fuels and suppressed alternatives. Even today, for example, the Scottish National Party on the one hand broadcasts its ‘green’ credentials while on the other promising to exploit as much of the nation’s oil wealth as it can — without, apparently, seeing any irony. Other governments have supported coal-mining and subsidised marginal technologies like ‘fracking’.

Interfering in markets for political reasons has consequences. Had the markets been left to themselves, the likelihood is that clean, safe nuclear power would have eclipsed fossil fuels decades ago. Political interference in the marketplace has been catastrophic — as usual.

Since the Renaissance, Enlightened Culture has been rolling back the inequities of society. We have abolished slavery, emancipated women, made everyone equal under the law. Kings no longer rule by Divine Right and our laws are made in parliaments where they are debated in public. Enlightened Culture fostered a fantastic diversity of thinking, art and science.

Our science got rid of infant mortality and explained the mysteries of the universe. We invented technologies to grow you a new heart valve, we put men on the moon. In Enlightened Culture, people have become more wealthy, healthy and longer-lived. By any measure, it is the best culture the world has ever seen.

Yet this jewel, this treasure, is threatened today.

For a hundred and fifty years the Left has been trying to destroy it from within. Yet it knows that it cannot win alone. So it has changed tactics: on the one hand it has emasculated Enlightened Culture from within to the point that it can no longer defend itself, and on the other, it has allied itself with a completely unreconstructed, unrepentant, toxic form of patriarchy, Islam.

Islam has been trying to destroy Western culture for 1300 years and it had failed. We had driven it back into its corrupted heartlands. But the Left let that genie out of the bottle, knowing that the key to their nihilistic dream, the destruction of the culture that tolerates them, is in playing the Trojan Horse that will allow the assassins in.

As if that were not bad enough, the Left has adopted wholesale the nonsensical ideas of ‘Postmodernism’ which seek to take us back to the Dark Ages, to revile objective reality and destroy science in favour of vague New Age blandishments like ‘lived experience’, ‘personal narratives’ and ‘honouring the mystery’. The result has been Snowflake culture, a parasite that thrives on ignorance and misinterpretation, that has eschewed rational debate for mindless violence and which silences opposition by any means to hand, from ‘no-platforming’ to riot and insurrection.

This toxic confection is, literally, the antithesis of everything that Enlightened Culture stands for. Everything.

The Left has so emasculated Western society that it is no longer capable of self-defence, as we see today in Sweden, Germany and other European nations that are being over-run. Its purpose is to give our most implacable enemy the chance to do what it has sought to for over a millennium: destroy the finest culture the world has ever known. And its principal reason for doing this, other than the tantrum of a weak-minded child, is that our culture and society was created by white European men.

Snowflake Brownshirts

Do the Leftists, the Snowflake Brownshirts, realise what will happen to them after the culture that protects them, that permits them to scheme against it, has succumbed? Do they realise that they will be transported back to the Dark Ages? That slavery will return, along with spousal rape, wife-beating, judicial murder of gays and lesbians, witch-trials, the mutilation and systematic abuse of children, the abolition of all art, music, literature and science?

Perhaps not, but their academic ideologues, those Marxist followers of the ‘Frankfurt School’ and the brainless prophets of Postmodernism who infest our faculties of Humanities do, they who invented the lies on which this ‘movement’ depends — of Political Correctness, Identity Politics and the most egregious of all, the concept of ‘privilege’. These people know exactly what will happen after they destroy freedom of speech and assembly, take away our means of defence and open the doors to the Islamic butchers. They know. They just don’t care.

Hate and Envy

Their entire philosophy is founded on hate and envy and if they must sacrifice themselves to see that which they loathe destroyed, they will do so.

Should Islam prevail over us, then the climate catastrophe will happen anyway. Muslims breed more quickly than any other group on the planet, so it follows that the more of them there are, the more population will grow and the sooner the end will come.

Much worse, Enlightened Culture itself will be snuffed out. Society on planet Earth will not only collapse, it will do so without the only culture that might help to reconstruct it.

Unless we act, civilisation on Earth will die in carnage. We have seen this before; it is what happened after Eannatum, the king of Lagash in Mesopotamia, unleashed genocidal warfare on the peaceful cities around him in the third millennium BCE. This horror awaits us, at the hands of a leering Hydra of Islam, feminism, race supremacy and Marxism, fuelled by Postmodernist arrogance.

The Disaster has begun

This is not some distant future, some 23rd century dystopia: this disaster is happening right now. Europe is being turned into a new Lebanon. The birthplace of the finest, most egalitarian, most enlightened culture the world has ever seen will fall under the heel of vicious  murderers, aided and abetted by the Left, whose intention has always been to destroy its host society from within.

Civil War in Lebanon, 1986

Do not imagine that Islam can help avert the climate disaster, as if we might amortize the loss of everything of value or beauty in our culture against this. Islam is totally, systemically incapable of responding to the crisis, because it is an immutable code invented 1300 years ago by camel-thieving bandits, more ignorant than the poorest and least educated Western child. Everything we know that could help us – our sciences and technologies – will be utterly crushed under its theocratic balderdash, which even insists that the Earth does not rotate. How could we expect a culture – or rather a social cancer – like this to help avert a climate catastrophe?

At the same time, the Left’s proposed alternatives, totalitarianism, control economics and state socialism, have been an absolute, murderous disaster wherever they have been applied. They have left hundreds of millions dead and ruined whole economies. The cost, in human suffering, of death, famine and poverty, of these failed social experiments, has never been fully accounted.

Capitalism is the only economic system subtle and responsive enough to be the basis of the world’s economy. Period.


Many of us are guilty of regarding feminism as it once was, an egalitarian movement, and thinking it remains so. But it does not. Feminism has been hijacked by Marxists and is now totalitarian. It is just female supremacism, that posits the 90:10 solution, whereby 90% of males will be killed and the remainder kept in camps to provide sperm for women living as lesbians. These camps are to be ‘outside the cities’ to avoid contamination. And no ill is done to men by this because ‘since there will be so few men, they will get all the sex they want’. I beg you to consider this evil, and what it tells you about these harpies’ attitude towards men.

The same is true of the former movements for black ‘Civil Rights’. These were egalitarian, but now they are supremacist. ‘Kill all whites’ is not their subtext, it is their banner.

Why are lesbian feminists today siding with Muslims, who would kill them?

This is where Feminism and Postmodernism will take us

Why are blacks siding with Muslims who, today, hold at least 23 million black people as slaves? Because of envy.

White men do not have ‘privilege’. What we have we got through hard work. But in Marxism, personal property is forbidden. And in Postmodernism, truth is an embarrassment. White people, and especially white men, are ‘identified as evil,’ because we work hard and, in our culture, are allowed to enjoy the benefits of that, and to pass those on to our children, if we choose to.

The Essence of Enlightened Culture

This is the essence of Enlightened Culture: that each individual owns their body and life, outright.

They do not hold these by permission of any other and, allowing that there are rules to prevent doing harm to others — neatly encapsulated in the latter Ten Commandments — each individual has sovereignty over them. We may use them as we see fit and may keep any rewards that we attain in doing so, whether those be material wealth, education or ability. We may dispose of those rewards as we desire. The herd does not have the right to take away what the individual wins. You earn it, you keep it. Yet this simple paradigm, that has been so much more successful than any other economic model, is loathed by the Left.

Muslims hate us because we are enlightened secular Christians; female supremacists hate us because we are male; and black supremacists hate us because we are white. But as the saying goes, ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ and so the hellish alliance we now confront has been vomited from its putrescent, sycophantic, academic womb.

Well, reality must prevail. Human tenure of this planet is about to come to a radical renegotiation of the lease. We might well be reduced to 1 billion specimens or even fewer. As the density-dependent factors begin to be felt, starvation, war and genocide will become commonplace.

Our choice

Shall we provide an answer to the Fermi Paradox by snuffing civilisation out of existence in favour of the nonsensical cult of an illiterate, Dark Age Arab rapist?

Once Enlightened Culture is destroyed, Islam will turn on its allies. The female supremacists will become chattels and sex slaves, and the blacks just slaves. Gays and other nonconformists will be eradicated. Science, art, music and literature will disappear. Worse, Enlightenment might never return. The Earth could remain benighted until humans go extinct; but then, a humanity perpetually stuck in the Dark Ages might be no great loss.

Shall we satisfy the morbid fantasies of that arch Postmodernist, Michel Foucault, by committing mass suicide? Nothing would please him or those of his ilk more.

I say no. I say we identify our enemies and do unto them as they would do unto us. Strike hard and strike first; we have had enough of appeasement. The infestation of vermin has reached intolerable levels and it is time for pest control.

Enlightened Culture is not only precious, it is the only hope

Our culture is more egalitarian and fair than any other in history. It constantly tries to improve itself. It is only through it that future generations of humans could rebuild and make a better world.

We have to eradicate the Left and its totalitarian ideology of Marxism, once and for all. Postmodernism, that disease of a sick, self-loathing bourgeoisie, must be annihilated. Islam, the most toxic form of patriarchy on Earth today, must not be ceded one more inch; what it has already taken, we must recover.

These things will cost us dear and make no mistake, our enemies have already infiltrated the highest levels of our governments. They will not hesitate to use the full power of states against us.

Enlightened Culture is the only hope for our children. Whatever it costs to save it, we must be ready to pay, for their sake.


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  1. Rod,
    You have the premise for a novel here – or even a trilogy or something longer… Do you know Tariq Ali’s The Islam Quintet? The point you are making would probably resonate with more people than his.
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